Monday, November 13, 2017

Kansas City Kitchen Staffing Hot Mess

Consequences of the glut in local hipster restaurants. Checkit:

From the front of the house to the kitchen, KC restaurants feel a staffing crunch

Zach Bauman There's no gossip like restaurant gossip. A KC restaurant owner told me a story recently about an old job: "At a previous restaurant I managed, we had a food runner who was dating a cook. The cook decided it [the relationship] was too intense and decided to pull back.


Anonymous said...

I say now; who would want to date a woman who has more ink on her skin than an edition of the Sunday Star?

Anonymous said...

Part of the "hospitality" staffing issue is the HUGE egos of the owners/chefs. There have been so many horror stories by former staff about how badly they were treated. There is a sort of boot-camp atmosphere in some of these places where you are tested as to how much abuse you can take before you quit. I'm not saying carry staff around on silk pillows, but at least treat them like human beings. Maybe that will change the situation.

Anonymous said...

Easy, quit eating out in these places.

Cook at home and don't support the bullshit restaurant pay structure that only us geniuses here in the US seem to be convinced makes any sense.

Force these jaggoff owners and chefs to pay their own staff's wages and health care, and not pass it onto you.

They laugh thier balls off at the tipping public that they get away with this, beleive me.

Anonymous said...

They all left for $15.00 per hour jobs in Gladstone.

Aron_ Seo said...

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