Monday, November 27, 2017

Kansas City Immigrant Conversation

An inspiring chat about the great diversity of origin stories in Kansas City . . . Because nobody was born in Brookside. Read more: How We Got Here


Byron Funkhouser said...

But, Tony, aren't we all supposed to pretend to be English. Isn't that what assimilation really means, pretending to be an Englishman?

How many of you are excited about Prince Harry's engagement?

John S said...

Um, Byron,
You are, without a doubt, the stupidest person I’ve ever read. Ever.
Gawd I wish you were at Costco Sunday!!
Makes you hard, don’t it faggot?

Anonymous said...

Byron, I think what you really mean to say is.....assimilation or adapting to be American, and the answer is yes, immigrants should adapt to being American!

About Harry's engagement??? Who cares? Oh except you, because you are trying to bring race into it. Nice try.

Anonymous said...

My ms13 immigrant friend wants to contribute to this story. He is sad and feels like KCUR needs more voices, how can he help?

Anonymous said...

Well, some hyphenated groups feel damn lucky to have ancestors who were smart enough to come to this Country and assimilate.

But let's not forget that there is one group whose ancestors were not given that choice. Apparently they would all be much happier sitting in a mud hut sweating while they wait for another of their children to die of some horrible disease or of starvation.

And of course they can always look forward to having a truckload of soldiers drives up to rape and kill them because they're from another tribe, or if they're among the lucky ones, just steal everything they have and drive away.

Assimilate? Out of the question They deserve better because of the evils they have suffered in this Country!