Kansas City Flush Creek Improvements???

A classic comic from Bryan Stalder and quick link to MILLIONS worth of improvement in an EMERGENCY ORDINANCE that will soon be under consideration to clean up just a bit of the sewer water that constantly floats into Brush Creek.

Developing . . .


  1. Wowzerz!

    Not funny then.

    Not funny now.

    You'd think his "artwork" would have improved in nine years. What's the matter with that guy's head? And what is that next to him? A duck?

  2. Pretty much on target though.

  3. sLIE’s priorities are, down town, toy train, airport and hotel, everybody else can go fuck themselves. Has anybody noticed the trend where building something involves very little walking? Apparently sLIE’s fat azz doesn’t like walking

  4. Sometimes I cannot tell which side of the argument Brian Stadler is on. One the one hand he’s pro-trolly toy train. On this hand, he’s complaining. He believes in the status quo... I’m very annoyed by this.

  5. ^^^^I wasn't aware Brian was ever in favor of the toy choo choo. Please substantiate.


  6. poops green...sure...and if a person pays close attention, one can pick up a turd on the "clean end"....


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