Friday, November 10, 2017

Kansas City Faith Blogger Laments Constant 'Thoughts & Prayers' Mass Shooting Refrain

A local examination of a cliché that has become the target of criticism after the continued murder of innocents that has become increasingly commonplace. Checkit:

We are stuttering in our grief: 11-10-17

We seem to have entered an era of emotionally empty perseveration, the persistent and pathological repetition of what has become this hollow motor response: "I'm sending you my thoughts and prayers." It's mostly well-meaning bunkum. But at least it's well-meaning....


Anonymous said...

Notice that Tammeus is keeping pretty quiet about the shooter being an atheist and preaching atheism on his FB page.

If he had be a Christian, though, Tammeus would be talking about it non stop.

Bill had a commenter who talked about guns and knives and "eating Christian brains" every week for months and did what can you expect.

We still haven't forgotten your abysmal behavior, Tammeus.

Anonymous said...

Shut up, Tammeus.

We know which side you are on.

Shirley M. Sweeney said...