Thursday, November 09, 2017

Kansas City Downtown Rent Too High???

Cowtown reality check on a real estate bubble OR development winning inside the loop . . . You decide:

Kansas City renters have hard time finding place to live downtown and stay within budget

Downtown Kansas City is booming once again. Just 10 years ago, downtown wasn't yet home to the Kansas City Live! venue, the Sprint Center or new luxury apartments like One Light. Now, 3,900 more residential units are planned for this year. Still, people in the city are having a hard time finding a place to rent on a budget.


Anonymous said...

Rents are three times higher then they were back in 2003 when the sub prime flipping bubble started heating up.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to that hot millenial place with the rooftop pool that had all the hot babe wannabe posers? I liked gettin' stoned and lookin' at the pics. and laughin' my ass off.

Anonymous said...

More like:
People are having hard times finding well paying jobs.

Anonymous said...

What Happened to all the "HYPE" about Young Millennial's will be flocking to those over-glorified over priced lofts they remodeled down there, I remember all the "Hype" do you ????

All that HYPE coming from all those LIBERAL News reporters and TV Stations,,, there would be a problem attracting Young people to over glorified, over priced lofts in a CRIME RIDDEN District , plagued with Crime, what could possibly be the problem !!!!

Ohh lets NOT forget the outlandish PARKING FEE's that they are forced to pay too, to act all young & Hip and cool like,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Where are all those Super Good paying outrageous salaried jobs they HYPED about within walking distance of those over glorified , over priced lofts they HYPED about ??????

ya' know those $150,000 to $350,000 dollar a year jobs they acted like were available on every fuckin' street corner in that district ?????

Kinda reminds me of all that HYPE about SLY JAMES Toy Train ridership, that "supposedly" has more riders than TOKYO JAPAN, San Francisco, Seattle and London and Paris combined !!!!!!!!!!!!

Anybody Wonder ???????

Anonymous said...

So...i guess there are lofts available downtown at a reasonable price if your ego can survive with out stainless and granite!

'A cheaper option we found is an apartment in the Board of Trade building. That’s downtown across the street from the Kansas City Public Library and by KC Loft Central, which has several units in the greater downtown area.

It comes to $950 with free rent this month for about 700 square feet, but this apartment comes with no granite and no stainless steel.'

Anonymous said...

We need The Rent's Too Damn High party here in KC.

Anonymous said...

Too effing bad if you hipsters can’t get what you want, get a better job lazy bitches

Anonymous said...

The water too Damn high in kc

Retro ROCKER said...

You will be apartment poor give all your money to the land lord and no money for fun and entertainment. You will stay in your apartment watch netflix and eat pizza. That is no way to live unless you want to be a couch potato. In New York and L.A.,THEY HAVE four people or more living in one house or apartment so they can pay the rent