Thursday, November 02, 2017

Kansas City Cloudy Afternoon Link Look

Right now we offer old school glamour to tribute to CharMac and a bunch of Kansas City MSM links for right now . . .

Westside Low Rent Gentrification

$3.5M HEDC project bringing coworking, kitchens, culture to Westside

A new Center for Urban Enterprise project is expected to help limit risk for Kansas City's low- to moderate-income entrepreneurs, Michael Carmona said. "We're looking at ways they can start and grow sustainable businesses with the little income they have as far as startup capital," said Carmona, director of community and business development for the Hispanic Economic Development Corporation.

Kansas City Illegal Housing Hunt

Self-storage business owners on alert for people living in units

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro man faces charges after allegedly living in a storage unit with his two children. It brings attention to a familiar problem for those who own storage unit businesses in the metro. Doug Esser owns Smithville Self Storage located at 14506 N. 169 Highway in Smithville, Missouri.

Po'Folk Rage Over Family Drama

Man found living in Lenexa storage unit removed from court after outburst

A man found living in a Lenexa storage unit with his children and a cooler filled with human remains was removed from court Thursday after an outburst. Justin Rey, 35, who is charged with child endangerment, argued with the judge, saying his rights were being violated.

Kansas City Obamacare Shout Out

Samuel U. Rodgers Center ready to help as Health Care Marketplace opens

By Melissa Wharton Northeast News Whether you're already insured or not, it may be time to visit the Health Insurance Marketplace to look at their coverage options. The condensed open enrollment for 2018 is open from Nov. 1 to Dec. 15.

Happy Rock Road Rage Aftermath

Man once suspected in violent Gladstone murder dies in violent car crash Monday in Kansas City that killed another man

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One of the two men killed in a perplexing car crash Monday on Independence Avenue, was once suspected and tried for the 2012 murder of an AT&T worker. Bryan Middlemas, 40, was driving a gold Honda that crossed the center line and crashed head-on into a black Ford F150 driven by Perry Green, 56, killing him instantly as well.

Today's Local Coolness Debate

Kansas City Designated A 'Music City' By UNESCO

Kansas City is among more than 60 cities around the world that earned "Creative City" distinction from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on October 31. Along with cities in Cabo Verde, Chile, Czechia, India, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Sweden, Kansas City was recognized as a music city.

Kansas City Ailing Artist Crowdfunding

Apocalypse Meow X: Brandon Phillips shares the story of his condition

Back in 2008, the first Apocalypse Meow raised funds for musician Abigail Henderson's treatment, after she was diagnosed with Stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer. The event fetched nearly $20,000; in the spirit of giving back to the community, Henderson started the Midwest Music Foundation to, as she said at the time, "provide musicians with healthcare assistance."

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Good riddance to that jerk Middlemas. Too bad he took an innocent life with him.

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When I asked Charlotte if she ever got split-ends, she giggled and said, "Only when you're rough with me!!!"