Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Kansas City Chiefs Fans: Move Forward With Patrick Mahomes Over QB Alex Smith

Big picture perspective from sports talkers and some of the most diehard fanboys. Checkit:

Kansas City Chiefs: Starting Patrick Mahomes Now Makes Sense

Confusing is a word that suits the current Kansas City Chiefs, especially when you compare them to the Chiefs that took the world by storm early in the season. Alex Smith has been replaced by a horrible out-of-work actor trying to make a buck or two. It clearly isn't the same person.


Anonymous said...

If Mahomes wants a SB ring, he better get out now.

If he wants to be a mediocre QB, hang around for few years, make several million while not being expected to produce much; he's come to the right place.

Anonymous said...

Let’s not get the kid killed this year, I say wait until they get an offensive line before he gets too many concussions from getting creamed every week

Anonymous said...

Fuck football '!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andy Reid sucks said...

Fat ass Reid doing same thing here that he did in Philly. Win a few regular season games, wildcard once in a while and choke out. Chiefs suck. Reid is a dumb ass choke artist.