Sunday, November 19, 2017

Kansas City Chiefs Comeback???

After a bye-week and a row of cupcakes ahead of of them . . . If the Chiefs don't win today then Kansas City sports newsies will string out local fanboy hope until December just the same. Here's just a bit of well-deserved skepticism:

Sunday's date with the Giants begins a very easy late-season schedule for the Chiefs

The Chiefs have lost three of their last four games after starting the season 5-0, but there's good news in Kansas City: The schedule is ridiculously easy the rest of the way.


Anonymous said...

No one will watch except for terrible soulless monsters known as Chiefs fans.

Anonymous said...

I don't approve of the anthem protesting and all that. But I will still plan on attending the Chiefs game later this month that I already bought a ticket for, because of comments like yours 10:41 AM.

If you have a problem with me, I work for MoDOT in the St. Joseph office. I'm the guy who times the stoplights on the Belt Highway that no one likes.

You can call the St. Joseph News-Press "It's Your Call" hotline and leave an anonymous comment. Be sure to mention me by name.
It's totally anonymous.
The number is (8/1/6)/2/7/1-8/6/8/7

Joseph R. Turner, MIZZOU GRAD
Known locally as the "MoDOT Stoplight Guy".

Anonymous said...

Liar. You’re watching we know it!

Anonymous said...

No, you're apparently a whacked out ex-girlfriend of that dude. You must have been a good piece of ass for him to mess with someone as crazy as you.

Anonymous said...

I have a deep and abiding hatred of the NFL.