Sunday, November 12, 2017

Kansas City Chiefs Alex Smith Debate

Bye week has hardcore football fans once again considering the future of an embattled QB who has yet to live up to expectations. Take a look:

Alex Smith should not be your scapegoat

With this week being a bye week for the Kansas City Chiefs, I have taken the opportunity to look back at what we have seen from Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith and how he has done the first half of the season.


Anonymous said...

Do people still watch football?

Anonymous said...

I would suggest they put the young guy in. Fresher legs. No matter who the quarterback is he's going to be running for his life most of the time so use the younger faster legs.

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Smith may never win a Super Bowl but he took a 2 and 14 team and turned it around
I give him credit for that because we know most nfl quarterbacks couldn't do that

Byron Funkhouser said...

8:04, I'm watching the Steelers, because Der Fuhrer told me not to watch.

I stopped doing what I was told when I was twelve.

Anonymous said...

you definitely disregarded the people that told you to stop sucking cocks

Anonymous said...

Der Funkhouser likes watching little boys coming out of school.