Monday, November 06, 2017

Kansas City Busted Pipes Cost Big Bucks

There has been very little progress on promises to fix this town's water works after a big money vote earlier this year. Read more:

KCMO's aging infrastructure is costing taxpayers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The city is now getting ready pay out another six-figure claim for a water main break. On June 26, water gushed at the corner of 49th and Mercier in the West Plaza area. It was one of four water main breaks that day.


Anonymous said...

Apparently, from their own spokesperson's statements, the Water Department doesn't have a clue what's causing the problem.

I would suggest an independent audit (State Auditor's Office?) comparing the amounts spent on infrastructure maintenance compared to that spent on increases to Managerial salaries, perquisites and travel expenses might give us a clue.

Anonymous said...

But we need a new airport before anything else

Anonymous said...

Then stop this airport crap and take care of what matters in the city! The streets around the city are terrible.

Anonymous said...

^^No. We'll do the airport first. Next, you don't drive and haven't for years, so you have no idea what shape the streets are in in geezer.