Thursday, November 09, 2017

Kansas City Boulevard Brewery Blogger Tour

Quick look at booze fanboy celebration so that faraway readers won't have to play KCMO interloper for the day . . . OR here's what the Belgians own:

Boulevard Brewing Company: Kansas City, MO

Before I begin the more in-depth descriptions, please read and remember this one thing: Volunteer. When your tour guide asks for volunteers, do your part. You will not be sorry. Boulevard Brewing Company started in 1984 after founder John McDonald had a "beer-piphany" during a trip to Europe.


Anonymous said...

Nice article, but where's this guy been for the last thirty plus years?

Amusing how these millennials think they've discovered or invented anything, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

At least he’s trying. I’m glad he shed a light on something that has become a source of pride for my city. He wishes he discovered it, though. We know the truth

Anonymous said...

Dude should just be talking about the Chiefs, The Lake and BBQ otherwise we might have to call him a hipster .