Sunday, November 26, 2017

Kansas City Blogger Bill Tammeus Crusades Against Evangelical Support Of Prez Trump

Kansas City's faith writer of record offers this summary of religious issues against people of faith who support Prez Trump . . .

"Their support of Donald Trump in the 2016 election was, in many ways, an abandonment of their moral center, given his several marriages and affairs, his admitted sexual assault, his religious ignorance, his business dealings in support of gambling, his refusal to release his tax returns and thus be candid with the American people -- all of that and more has been almost impossible for his evangelical supporters to explain with a straight face."

Read more, you decide . . . Theologians call out evangelical Christians: 11-25/26-17


Anonymous said...

"Jews don't like Trump--so I don't like Trump"--Bill Tammeus

Anonymous said...

In the meantime, Bill supports Planned Parenthood while they ELIMINATE more Black Lives EVERY MONTH than the KKK has in its entire existence.

And, of course, he continues to tax pot shots at other believers as well...including Catholics and Jews who support Israel against extermination by Hamas, etc.

What DOES Bill BELIEVE, and WHEN did he believe it?

Anonymous said...

Their support of Trump is easy to explain, Mr. T.

Because the alternative was to support a baby killing supporter of perverts who tried to RUIN women who screwed her husband.

Hell, that is why Lewinsky came out with the sperm stained dress...Hillary was maneuvering to have her put in a mental institution.

And that is only ONE example, as you well know, Mr. T.

And as far a marriages, haven't you been married more than once Mr. T?

chuck said...

"With Charlie Rose we have an apology. With Al Franken, we have photographic evidence and an apology. With Harvey Weinstein we have decades of large cash settlements, with representative John Conyers we have investigations and settlements paid out. In all those cases there were admissions of guilt or payments to settle claims made.

That leaves Bill Clinton who repeatedly denied what was going on until two things took place: He was forced under oath when Paula Jones launched her sexual harassment suit, and the physical evidence of the semen stained blue dress was produced. Confronted with these two things Bill Clinton came at least partially clean.

So in other words in all of the cases above we have one or more of the following:

An admission of guilt
Settlements paid
Investigations by a competent body
Physical evidence of wrongdoing
Accusations made under oath.

What do we have in the Roy Moore case? None of these things. No admission of guilt, no settlements paid to accusers, no investigations made by a competent body. The entire body of physical evidence is an old yearbook signature that the lawyer of the claimant not only refuses to release for examination but admits she has not even asked her client if she saw Mr. Moore sign said book."

There are no admissions of guilt, video or anything other than "talking" about girls in an "locker room" situation with a guy named "Bush".

The lack of what Bill T. hopes is moral equivalence between Trump and Roy Moore and the objective facts associated with the pervs on the left, does not exist.

The New York Times, caught in lies by one of Trump's supposed accusers is a great example of why, the American People, at least those folks not emotionally or financially committed to a Progressive narrative designed to euchre the middle class out of money and power, do NOT trust the media and certainly do not trust political shills like Bill T.

Bill is a weak excuse for a politician, dressed up in the clothes of clergy, no better than the priests who were fucking your sons in the Catholic Church.

He is no man of God and his pretense that he has Jesus on speed dial, is the basis for his politics.

Anonymous said...

And in the same column, in the last paragraph, Bill asks for someone to explain how Muslims could have killed 200 other Muslims (and it was really over 300 Bill so you got that wrong too)

Why don't you ask one of your Muslim friends like Mahnaz Shabir or some other local apologists for Muslims to explain how it is a religion of peace?

And by the way, ask them to explain why Muhammed directed killings of people and married a little girl?

Anonymous said...

Obama was cought in more red headed premeditated lies than any president since Nixon.

Bill never said a word.

He probably got to keep his doctor.

Anonymous said...

So Clinton and Obama justify voting for a pedophile?

Interesting position, especially for the evangelically oriented.

Anonymous said...

That's the point, 7:48...there is no proof of your accusations.

And your obvious double standard excuses Clinton's rapes and Obama's mass bombings lies.

7:31 Nails It!

Anonymous said...

I know from someone who goes to Bill's Church that he reads this blog.

So, Bill, why don't you have one of your Muslim buddies explain Muhammad marrying a little girl?

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Trump supporter but I'm also not a phony hypocrite like Tammeus. He claims to be religious but he spends all his time spewing hatred towards Republicans. Liberals like to talk about love, peace and being inclusive but that only applies if you agree with them.
Notice that he never writes about Bill Clinton's sexual assaults or the sexual improprieties of Al Franken.

Anonymous said...

And he always defends Muslims, but never talks about Muhammad marrying an 8 year old girl!

Maybe his activist friend Maynaz Shabit could come on here and defend that, since Bill will not have the balls to do.

Anonymous said...

Religious people, particularly religious Republicans are hypocrites and I know dozens of them. I know so many religious Republicans that go to church but wouldn't piss on a homeless guy if they were on fire. People that have zero compassion for their fellow man. They are against government assistance of any kind, against accessible health care for all, the first to want to go to war in whatever country yet vote against anything to help vets once they return home. You might not like Tammeus but he's not wrong. So many of you rail against abortion and not only do you not give a fuck about them after they're born, you actively sabotage any safety nets out their for them every chance you get. You would think it would be easy to understand why things like Planned Parenthood are good things, talk about money well spent. The savings in welfare, crime, and future inmates is incalculable. Btw, every person I know that either had an abortion or paid for one are practicing Catholics, so yes, hypocrisy abounds.

Anonymous said...

Can't let it go, eh chuckles? Weird. Still mad about Goldwater, too?

Anonymous said...

Where did you rip this off from chuck? We know you steal everything you post, so where did this waste of everybody’s time come from?

Anonymous said...

9:22 lies in almost every sentence.

But he gives his own racial bigotry away when he praises Planned Parenthood for eliminating Black Lives because it saves on "welfare and crime".

What a stupid, malicious, and utterly racist idea.

He just admitted that he approves of eliminate Black Lives.

Miserable piece of shit you are.

Anonymous said...

Wrong 10:26. I described all of the miserable religion Republicans i know. They only care about themselves and belittle anyone in life not doing as well as them, mostly financially. If you don't see the hypocrisy you are blind. The religious right has done more to turn others away from religion like me than anything in the world. Just because you throw a buck in the offering plate doesn't mean you've done shit. What do so many church people do the first thing after leaving church on Sunday? Go get something to eat and stiff the server with a shitty tip. That starts their week of treating people like shit all week until Sunday when they go to church to make themselves feel better about themselves. Most religious people are the most selfish fuckers you'll ever meet and they prove it everyday. Seems to me most religious people ignore what they hear in their pew Sunday mornings.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^Just because 9:22 disagrees with you doesn't mean he lies.

And 8:02, how about Roy Moore's fooling around with but NOT marrying a little girl?

Anonymous said...

Where were you Bill when the Catholics got behind Bob Dole and started the abortion shit storm.

Anonymous said...

10:43 so you approve of 9:22 praising Planned Parenthood for eliminating more Black Lives than the KKK...every month...because it saves on "welfare and crime"?

You are not only racist but stupid.

Anonymous said...

10:40 just repeats his lies as if that is an argument.

His generalizations alone qualify as bigotry.

Why are so many atheists confused that such fallacies equal "argument"?

Are you a member of the Kansas City Atheist Coalition? They brag about their charity work but never have more than a dozen or so people show up for their "charity" work.

At the United Methodist Church pastored by Adam Hamilton they regulary have hundreds and even thousands participate.

Super Dave said...

Politics needs to stay out of the church. The church needs to stay out of politics as well.

If churches think they have a right to speak out against policy while becoming involved in politics then they must be removed from their tax excepmt status.

In fact since a church for the most part is simply a private club with open membership then they should expect to be taxed on income/profit same as anyone else. Bet that would put a dent in these extreme costly houses of God when if you read the Bible does not tell you to build such. If Jesus were to walk this earth again do you think he'd be impressed with your mega million buildings with mega million sound systems when the Bible tells us he was born in a lean to while people walk the streets hungry or suffering?

Anonymous said...

Super Dave, the state has no right to take action against Churches.

Per the Constitution, Congress shall make "no law restricting the free exercise of religion"...

Now, what law can they pass?

No Law.

You lose.

Anonymous said...

Betcha he did not say anything like this about the Clintons, Ed Kennedy, ect.

Anonymous said...

10:40 is just pulling stuff out of his ass.

I heard him saying the same stuff at Wendy's on Saturday. He doesn't even know any of those people.

Anonymous said...

Once again, chuck plagiarizes when he posts a rebuttal.

Do you really think Gateway Pundit is going to be objective, chuck?

Know how you can tell when chuck posts his own words? He says shit like "objective facts". Are there any other kinds of facts, chuck? Your plagiarizing and poor use of language show your inability to form coherent thoughts of your own.

Finally, chuck, f the evidence against Moore is so weak, why are other Republicans urging him to step down?

Anonymous said...

Learn something this morning all :

Anonymous said...

You are wrong 11:17, so you lose. Dave, you do make some good points and please keep making your down to earth points of view on things. People may hate them, but they need to see them.

Anonymous said...

Tammeus makes spurious claims regarding Trump's "religious ignorance" while he himself apparently doesn't even comprehend the Bible's teachings!

Bill Tammeus, a Liberal socialist homosexual who seeks to surrender the United States to those who would destroy it.

Anonymous said...

Just guessing that Bill is another guy who gets publicity here because he donated to Tony's sex change Go Fund Me account.

Anonymous said...

11:51 is a liar. We all know it.

Anonymous said...

Muhammad married an eight year old girl.

Ann leftists like Bill bend over defending it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, why DID the KC Star dump Bill's column?

I mean, he was providing it for free, so what's the deal?

Anonymous said...

Although I know Bill reads these comments as he has complained about them elsewhere, folks, he will NEVER respond here.

Its because you all are beneath him and he is above all this.

At least, that is the excuse he gives. But in reality, he is afraid to answer. Because even when the leader of Islam, Muhammad, is smeard, he is silent.

Of course, you can bash Jesus Christ all you want as far as he is concerned. After all, He is a Jew.

So, Muslims, even when your leader Muhammad is smeared as a child fucker, he won't defend you.

I don't think he is your friend.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Stalker is back again. Don't piss him off, or he'll go get his AK-47.

Anonymous said...

Chuck and stupid Dave...who is worse?? One’s a phony and the other is a fucking moron!

Anonymous said...

I’d say chuck is worse. He copies everything he posts and tries to pass it off as his. Stupid Dave is likely some form of retarded.

Anonymous said...

11:48, you dumb uneducated cunt, can't you see the quotation marks?

Anonymous said...

Chuck posting anonymously at 2:43. He thinks he's so smart and he hates to be called out.

Gee, 4:28, with or without quotation marks, chuck still quoted without attribution. Even if he did, he still can't think for himself.

Anonymous said...

Bill wears a burqa. Shhh

Anonymous said...

The number of Chuck obsessed weirdos is growing.

Let it go people.

Anonymous said...

^^^ +1000

Anonymous said...

The number of chuck sockpuppets is growing.

Anonymous said...

^^^ you're a fucking psychopath. Please stick a pistol in your mouth and pull the trigger.