Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Kansas City Artsy Collabo Interview

Upscale and important conversation about an upstart Kansas City creative class collective and how it compares to other local galleries . . .

Artist-Run KC: A Discussion with Madeline Gallucci in Respect to Front/Space

Madeline Gallucci is a visual artist and 2012 alumni of the Kansas City Art Institute's Printmaking Department who is now a resident artist at The Drugstore in Kansas City, MO. In addition to making work, she is one of two co-directors of Front/Space, an artist-run space in Crossroads KC.


Anonymous said...

Our art community is way less talented and imaginative than other cities. Mostly just weird unemployed people with tattoos that wear black clothing and act as if they are sophisticated. Complete imposters with zero talent.

Anonymous said...

Actually, most of them are faggots and lesbians and their art has talent but is misunderstood.