Saturday, November 11, 2017

Kansas City Anti-Violence Documentary Debuts

TV report on a controversial local activist who seeks to comfort victims of violence but also advocates for tougher gun control:

KC's Rosilyn Temple focus of documentary

For the past three years, Rosilyn Temple's journey has been documented in a film titled "Uncommon Allies." It explores Temple's role in bridging the gap between...


Anonymous said...

Rather than worry about guns, how about promoting not having more kids than you can provide for, having a daddy at home to discipline and guide them and make sure they try to get an education.

Or not and blame "whitey".

Anonymous said...

So this is where some of that PUBLIX TAX Dollars are going for those illusionary ANTI-CRIME Groups, to make films ??????

Lets see what do we have like 5 to 7 Anti Crime Groups that aren't anywhere to be seen during these Crime Waves !!!

Ohhh they show up alright, "after the fact" days later for photo Ops to push their Anti Crime Agenda and ask for more money from Ol' Lyin' Sly James.

Kansas City is still seeing young Black Males under 30 committing crimes from car jackings to armed robberies to MURDER to Drive by shootings, quite steadily !!

Look at the recent Murder Homicide rate like 125 ???

What happened to AIM for peace ????

or was it more like AIM for your TAX DOLLARS ????????

Ummm' maybe it was more like AIM for Yo' Tax Dollars so wew can make documentary films that only a handful will see ??????

When attending the event showing please wear appropriate clothing, Bullitt proof vest , Saggy Baggy pants and any other Gangsta' type apparel .

Enjoy where Yo' Tax Dollars went ,, secretly,, shhhhhh keep it quiet :)

So the city can appropriate funds to these illusionary ANTI CRIME Groups , BUT, Wonder how much or why that money could have helped some of the mothers with Funeral expenses and burial costs ??????

Can WE have a through STATE Audit of just how much TAX Dollars has gone to those "illusionary ANTI-CRIME Groups" and what has it accomplished !!!!!

Time for the Missouri State Auditor to Investigate and the Missouri Attorney Generals office !

Anonymous said...

This documentary was made from donations not tax money

Anonymous said...


Thanks for speaking the truth to this fraudulent front funded by the taxpayers of KC.

How about these groups focusing their attention and our taxpayers dollars on the source of the murders?

It starts in the home. Mothers are AWARE of their children's behavior and if they own weapons and how they use their weapons to commit crimes.

The barbershops and beauty shops and nail salons all are aware of the "activities on the streets." Gangsters brag about their cowardly crimes against people and their properties. In fact they bring stolen goods to these shops to sale.

Why don't "Mother's in Charge" start right there and plead with their community to stop enabling these thugs?

If they really care about the murders in KC, then make a courageous move and call out these parents, relatives, shop owners and take an united stand against crime.

The ministers and preachers know who commits crimes in the community and they need to speak out and demand a change.

Throwing more taxpayers dollars at this "solvable solution" will not change the increasing number of homicides in KC. Yet, I believe addressing the source (families, ministers, preachers, teachers, barbers, beauty operators, nail techs) and demanding they STOP profiting off these crimes (against their own community) will bring an end to the violence and death in the inner city and surrounding areas.