Saturday, November 04, 2017

Kansas City Airport Vote Week In Review

Another look at the public TV airport movie and discussion afterward at around the 19 minute mark featuring the power players on both sides of this EPIC Kansas City question . . .

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

We don't have room for the chicken dance?

Anonymous said...

Campaign should be building to a crescendo, it is important to energize folks around simple messages:

We don't like corruption in this town, or fixes. We don't like corporate slam jobs, we don't like sloppy processes that obviously have inadequate consideration on key futures that impact the region for fifty years. We don't like arrogance in our officials, it is not their private pond. We expect to see intelligent, open, carefully developed plans that obviously include the deliberate addressing of how autonomous will change designs of the airport, how an Amazon dimension would radically change our plans there, how tech will change processes and designs, and there really isn't a rush before that is well factored into our go forward plans that fix fifty years of our possibilities. None of these things have been clearly addressed, the vote would be on a pork wrapper for the usual suspects, and the public doesn't want that, even if they spread around enough loot to get nodding from other pork participants at the trough.

It is that simple in the end. I came back from a trip to Detroit about six months ago, overheard the flight attendants, laughing, talking about how much they enjoyed Kansas City as it was so simple, quick, and easy. Now we know we need a better face going forward, but Church of the Resurrection was about 90 million if I have my facts right for their new super facility. You mean for three of those you couldn't adequate lighting, bathrooms, and holding areas. BS, BS, BS and the public knows it, that is why they have pushed back so hard.

It didn't help with all the trumped up arguments the political fixers contrived, that we had to, that our shabby maintenance was unavoidable, that just trust the corporation was a good policy, that SouthWest demands it, they did just fine for 20 years, we will improve, but they should realize the bs underway and play an appropriate role when we are trying to run an integrity process.

What is being voted on, is do we allow corrupt fixes, pork games, arrogant worst practices, to be how we conduct business. On Tuesday the public has a moment to send a message, we don't do corrupt fixes, or sloppy processes in our town and let them get away with it. The pork machine needs to have a comeuppance.

Don Hensley said...

1st I was able to open the Week in Review!

Regarding this entire attempt by City Hall to "SCAM" the voters on the only option at KCI is a single 35 gate terminal is outrageous. Let see the City Manager who works for the mayor appointed an Aviation Director, Pat Klein, who has a zero aviation background and now is the so called expert on KCI who just came from City Hall, and was on a committee that spent $13M-$15M with consultants between 2009-2015 to come up with a recommendation for a single 35 gate terminal. When in Dec. 2009 KCI published their Master Plan that recommended several options being to use the existing terminals stating they were adequate in floor space, were in adequate condition, and the fact KCI need 59 gate to handle future growth thru 2025!! Furthermore, if anyone is of the opinion that the terminals are structurally un-sound then why is KCI currently spending $9M to update, renovate Terminal C's International terminal???? The April 2015 master plan was written to mirror what City Hall told the consultant to come up with in recommending a single terminal. Has anyone see a WRITTEN DOCUMENT from any airline that states what they want. All you here is what the consultants say the airlines want. Even CEO Kelly from SWA who was in KC last week chose his words very carefully never stating he supported only a "Single Terminal" as touted by consultants and City Hall, but very succinctly stated he could not promise additional flight if we build a single terminal. HUH!! Like I have said I would like to see a written proposal to SWA offering them Terminal A for $1 a year for 25 years, allow them to refurbish Terminal A and the 2000+ parking garage. establish 20-22 gate and let them expand as they say they want to and then show us a written document where they decline the offer!!

Vote No on November 7th!!

Don Hensley