Monday, November 27, 2017


The war of words is ramping up the the Courthouse and the latest update offers broader implications for residents throughout the metro.

To wit . . .


Her expression of disappointment earned a quick response and possibly a hint at how this crisis is going to play out . . .

TKC faith interlude . . . Whoever came up with this cynical strategy might not realize that straining Democratic allegiances before we go into midterm 2018 elections is a move that will get push back from higher up the Democratic Party ladder and threatens to blow this dispute up even further if we're all going to play the race card.

Nevertheless, take a look at a message that deserves it's own post . . .

Jackson County Executive responds to Prosecutor’s decision to quit Jail Task Force

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. has issued the following statement after receiving a letter late this afternoon from Prosecuting Attorney Jean Peters Baker that she is quitting the Jail Task Force.

“While I am disappointed that the County Prosecutor chose to quit the Jail Task Force, I want to make sure that everyone knows that I remain committed to involving the community in this process. I firmly believe that the people of Jackson County deserve, and we need, their input as we move forward.

The work of this task force goes well beyond the specifics of any one incident in our jail, or quite frankly, whether a new jail is ultimately needed. This task force has been asked to look at our criminal justice system and engage in an open and honest discussion about:

Who should be in the jail? Who is there now? Why are they there? Finally, are all defendants treated equally and fairly?

As I told the Prosecutor when she originally accepted my appointment, I was grateful and honored that she would be willing to serve. I am hopeful that she will change her mind and once again, agrees to participate in this very important community discussion.”

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Jesus, this thing is getting out of hand.

I guess this might encourage more people to run for County Executive.

Anonymous said...

Frankly- maybe the former 2nd baseman will appoint a steering committee that could have a sub-committee that could hire a task force that would be joint responsible for overseeing a political action committee that could in turn vote to have a future election on hiring an advisor.
They should set a deadline of no more that 2030 to decide to take a vote.
This should be expected from a former second basement with out any experience.

Anonymous said...

Who wrote that for Frank?

Anonymous said...

It might help these "task forces" if ANTONE appointed to them knew the slightest bit about either the criminal justice system or operating a jail instead of being populated with the same predictable list of local hacks whose names appear in most everything else associated with KCMO or Jackson County government.
With people being gunned down on an almost daily basis, employees being beaten to within an inch of their lives in their workplace, and millions of dollars in settlements and fines being borne by the taxpayers, these clowns like White, who look at their elected jobs as a celebrity joke have really got to go.
Most of the sclerotic JaCo legislators have been around for ages and have stood by impotently as the assessment system failed repeatedly, the COMBAT program was run like a private fiefdom, the jail operation went down the tubes, and Sanders and now White are so detached they're rarely even seen in the courthouse.
Isn't it past time for somebody, ANYBODY, to get serious?

Byron Funkhouser said...

Nation wide there are 50,000 fewer correction officers than needed.

Her notion of reducing the size of the jail to that which can be adequately served is imminently sensible. As things stand now, it only takes one inmate to file a lawsuit claiming that the current situation constitutes "cruel & unusual" punishment for you to lose local control. Maybe, that's not such a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

Frank, look at the positive side of this. At least Mean Jean didn't accuse you of fondling her ass during a photoshoot.

Anonymous said...

Byron, I'm a little disappointed in your taking that line hook line and sinker. There aren't too few guards, there are too many people in jail for victimless crimes. Has Mark imparted no wisdom upon you?

Anonymous said...

For fuck sake, who is advising Frank White? Who the fuck does he think he is? He can't even come close to running a semi-safe jail, but he's going to reform the whole criminal justice system? This is just doubling down on stupid.

Greedo said...

I think Frank is underestimating how much Eastern Jack votes. He's not going to make any friends pursing this strategy.

Anonymous said...


He's a real piece of work!

Questioning the prosecutor "Who should be in the jail? Who is there now? Why are they there? Finally, are all defendants treated equally and fairly?"

Thanks for stating your true intention Frank. You're obviously in denial about the facts on who commits crimes in Jackson county.

God help the citizens of Jackson County and keep them safe from the thugs who are in charge.

Anonymous said...

All from the mouth of Frank White:

"Stuff happens in a jail."

"That's old news." (Referring to one woman's rape in the jail after an inmate was allowed to roam the halls for hours.)

"There's no crisis in the jail." (After a consultant called the crisis in the Jackson County jail one of the worst in the country.)

Then there was him just shaking his head while Legislators were teling him the jail needed immediate attention, not another BS task force, this being less than 10 days before last week's attack on the guard.

He should keep his mouth shut, instead of mouthing off even more now, though someone else at the taxpayers' expense clearly wrote this dreadful statement.

Anonymous said...

Any county legislators voting to give this POS task force one dollar to waste more time ought to be voted out of office.

Tracy Thomas said...


What Would Nutter Do?

I for one wish he were alive to tell Frank White to DO something NOW.
Frank reminds me of Kay Barnes, who could never take action, just "studied the problem."
Jaxco is gonna lose control of the jail, just like KCMO lost control of the Police department years ago, which continues to this day. And much like the KC School District that for YEARS had to also be run by outside forces.
It's like the whole town/and county has a cloud over it, of Stupid Gas.

Has anyone asked Jim Bergfalk to come back and take over the jail? Perhaps they should.

Anonymous said...

So, Frank White wants to ask questions: "Who should be in jail? Who is there now? Why are they there? Finally, are all defendants treated equally and fairly?"

Perhaps right now he should be figuring out the answers to these questions, instead:

-- How the hell did the attack on the guard last week go on for EIGHT GODDAMN MINUTES?

-- Why was the response so slow? Who failed to do their job backing this guy up?

-- Why haven't you fired the Corrections Director already? What's it going to take?

-- Why did you ignore the consultant who warned MONTHS AGO that the jail was in a state of crisis and needed immediate attention?

-- Where do you get the nerve to try and lecture the prosecutor when she, the sheriff and most of the county legislators have been practically begging you to be a leader and do something to address this crisis?

-- And where do you get the gall to ask for another consultant to be hired, costing who knows how much, to run this new task force, which has a lot of the same old faces on it as the last task force from two years ago?

-- In what ways are you qualified to be county executive because so far all this voter is seeing from you is a lot of ducking and dodging of the responsibility for running the jail, for another messed up assessment process, and for picking fights with not some but ALL of the other elected officials in Jackson County?

I used to be a big fan, but now when I see old highlights of Frank White in his Royals white and blue it kind of makes me sick. As a voter, I'll be hoping for a better option next year.

Anonymous said...

Jesus H-Christ. End this fiasco! Turn the jail over to the Sheriff to run, then cut Frank White's staff and salary accordingly. Better yet, fire Frank!!!

Anonymous said...

8:51 - Something else Frank White said, "I'm tired of being a punching bag." Try telling that to that poor guard attacked for 8 minutes in YOUR jail!

Jameson said...

11:01 wins this thread. Take note of those comments because they should give Frank and the entire legislature a moment of pause.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of HOMOSEXUALLY ABOUNDS LIBERAL DEMOCRATS BUTT BUDDIES who don't care about any of those whacked out humans , ALL that those scumbags want to do is scam ass Snowflake pussies for as much $$$$$$ as they can grift , just like the bow ties SILVER back douchebag LIBERAL Democrat mayor !¡!!¡

King Frank White said...

Frank has made himself a King. Either submit or be punished. Frank White is the worst County Executive ever.

Anonymous said...

^^^ The Legislators need to act then. Dethrone King Frank by gutting the budget for all his chiefs and that horrible PR team that keeps fluffing him up.

Anonymous said...

How would Bilerun know there are too few guards and too many held on victim-less crimes in Kansas City if he is in Virginia? What do you think Tony?

Anonymous said...

Frank/Caleb are the worst duo to EVER lead Jackson County. Resign!!!

Anonymous said...

FRANK WHITE , When I see YOU, I'm going to FIRE your Ass on the spot in front of everybody !!!

Any bullshit out of you and we can take an alternate course of action as well !!!

Your done Bozo shit for brains !!!!!