Thursday, November 30, 2017

IPD Hero Homecoming Announced, No Word On Friendly Fire Investigation

Update on a local law enforcement officer without many deets on the cause of massive injuries sustained during a home invasion call.

"Officer Wagstaff was injured March 29 after shots were fired during a burglary investigation. Four people face burglary and kidnapping charges related to the incident."


Eight months after being shot, Officer Tom Wagstaff to be released from hospital

A wounded police officer from Independence will be returning home next week. Officer Tom Wagstaff will be going home from the hospital on Friday, Dec. 8. He was critically wounded in a shooting on March 29, 2017 while he was responding to a burglary call.


Anonymous said...

All the best officer Tom!
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Get your tickets now for the big December 21st event at the Independence events center. There will be an old fashioned high noon shoot out between Offcer Wagstaff and the numb nuts, incompetent, fucktard rookie ass that shot him eight months ago. Deputy Chief Elmer Q. Shitzfister of the incompetent Independence PD wishes to remind everyone that the officer who damn near off'd Wagstaff was in fear of his life when he discharged his weapon damn near killing a fellow police officer. The Missouri Broadcasting Association will be on hand to give Independence PD the Hot Story Cover Up of the Year Award. Tickets go on sale Monday.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the Raytown Police Department is downsizing.