How Smart Is Kansas City???

Tech hype that overlooks high crime and political corruption. Linked only because I really like the photo . . .

Kansas City aims to be the smartest city -- GCN

Bob Bennett has high hopes for Kansas City. "We're going to be the smartest city in the world," the Missouri municipality's chief innovation officer, told GCN. Free Wi-Fi, smart kiosks, shot spotters, traffic sensors and predictive algorithms to assist police are technologies that will define the future of the city, he said.


  1. The answer: Not very. Read the comments on this blog daily, and you well see some of the dumbest people ever to draw a breath. I mean, really stupid. You have Stupid Dave who has never had an original thought in his whole worthless existence. Then you have chuck the cuck, who endlessly writes the same thing day after day. Much like Bart Simpson on the opening credits of the Simpsons. Then there are the typical bottom feeders. They are the worst this city has to offer. Crazy clown, Gay-back, and Polar bear. These are pants-shitting geezers with no family who spout their racist ideology while simultaneously destroying the myth of white supremacy. Good job guys!

    1. Get a grip on yourself, jackoff. My God, you sound like a stupid fucking millenial.

  2. ^^^^^^ 8:12
    Actually your comment isn't the smartest. You seem to have a "believe my way mentality" you sound a lot like Byron. Your post also sounds like a word for word article from John Williams. I've read some of Super Dave, Crazy Clown, and the other comments and some of them seem to be not only fact but brilliant, not saying I agree with all of them.

    The funny part of your comment is, you are spewing things about these people that you know nothing about, like pants shitting, geezers with no family, and the fact that they are racist when many black people are equally as racist if not more.

    That my dear is ignorance!

    And the article Tony posted is not all about brain smart it's about technology.

  3. Another typical cash incinerating vanity project.

  4. wrong people, wrong focus, wrong results, wrong mayor

  5. Fake it til you make it seems to be the approach.

  6. Geezer Boy complains that other posters "never have an original thought" and "writes the same thing every day." Then he/she/it proceeds to make the same unoriginal insults that he/she/it writes every day.

    I love irony, don't you, Geezer Boy? You must, since you use it so often.

  7. Byron Funkhouser11/1/17, 11:57 AM

    "We're going to be the smartest city in the world,"

    What a stupid thing to say.

  8. By the way 8:12, every episode Bart Simpson is writing a different sentence if the scene isn't cut due to run time. If you're going to talk trash, try and at least get a few things factual.

  9. "What a stupid thing to say."

    That coming from a person who hasn't shown a lick of sense ever since he appeared posting his hate and racist crap. Just think what it must be like to live in the same location/area as this butthurt prick.

  10. Well for fucksake just look at who runs the place and who the primary inhabitants are. KC MO hasn't got a snowball's chance in hell and being named the smartest anything. Sleaziest perhaps but not the smartest.

  11. Herp name is Stupid Dave..duh..doy..I ...a ugh...ugh you herp derp...duh

  12. Hey 11:46AM,...I agree. It gets annoying reading the same thing everyday doesn't it? I think you're starting to catch on now.

  13. Look it's 1:29 proving the stupid part with another stupid comment. I agree with 8:40, ignorance at it's best.

  14. Let's face reality. Today's young people have it too easy. Who's fault is that you ask. I see it as our fault. Not that we didn't try to raise our children up properly. We let the gameboy, xbox and computers raise our children. We ignored them, the middle class white kid.

    The black community has raised their children the same way by ignoring the kids.

    One sect became social justice warriors and the other continued, as did their parent, to remain in the po po life.

    Children of the depression fought and won a world war. Baby boomers couldn't handle the rapid world changes. After that, other generations continued to digress into the abyss.

    Only the black has remained unchanged. Still putting one foot in front of the other, shuffling along crying woe is me.

    There are a few of us out there who aren't afraid to mix it up, so I conclude with "Suck it up buttercup" and go fuck yourself.

  15. ^^^^Jesus, that shit makes about as much sense as your usual drivel. You are the reason you’re a failure. We always knew you were a pathetic racist, but that post proves you’re a complete idiot.

  16. Why didn't they use the predictive algorithm that shows sly is a bs artist trying to ram home a half baked plan for his swells and the smug pretense of actually conducting good governance. Sly now exemplifies worst not best practices. Government not on principles of responsibility but instead on principally greed and irresponsibility.


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