Thursday, November 16, 2017

Here's How To Pretend To Design New KCI!!!

For those looking to spend their retirement doing something slightly less meaningful than bingo OR consultants who already missed the juicy contracts but hoping to pick up a few scraps . . .

Kansas Citians asked to join KCI design workshops - Kansas City Business Journal

The team led by Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate LLC that was selected to design, build and privately finance a new $1 billion single-terminal Kansas City International Airport (Code: MCI) is ready to let the public help with the design phase.


JoCoPost said...

It's hilarious, of course, to ask a "guy in a diner" to design a billion dollar transportation and security hub.
Also, condescending--pretending to listen, while the trained architects and the know it all council just "look at their shoes", enduring the agony of PRETENDING to care.

The New KCI is cursed, because it is completely out of integrity, common sense, or prudent due diligence and business practices.

Undesigned, yet still rammed through by a desperate lame duck mayor--who does not even OWN A HOME IN KC--HE RENTS FROM A WHITE GUY ON UNION HILL.
Pushed through in secret, yanked from the first insider, Burns & McDonnell, to Edgemoor. Not to mention the payoffs and lugs and promises thereafter, to labor, the blacks, and the sulking and embarrassed "hometown team" at Burns & Mac. No telling what was promised. We shall see, we shall see.

Reminds me of the Hyatt Hotel. Where design changes were made on the fly, by UNTRAINED non-engineer trained contractors and architects-- to save a few weeks of time, not having to custom build long rods to hold up the skybridge, by substituting an offset design of two shorter rods side by side which gave way and killed 114 fine folk and injured hundreds more. Covered up by the same City of KCMO to protect guilty locals.

I know. I worked as a production assistant to 20/20's Stanhope Gould, who won an Emmy for his expose about the Hyatt collapse.

KCMO mayor and council: you will reap what you sow.
Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, now we're supposed to believe that the same people who started the terminal process with a secret private meeting at an exclusive club really want to hear from the public about an airport terminal design.
Identify stakeholders!
Anything that starts this badly and costs this much just can't end well.
But some sheep will surely attend to be shorn once again.

Non said...

But somehow 77.41% of the voting public pretty much told you to get over it!

Anonymous said...

How to design a new KCI: #1 - draw a box #2 - draw a box on either side of the first box #3 - draw a rectangular box to top off the whole thing. Add googly eyes.

Anonymous said...

Let's get serious, they may want to hear all of our ideas!

My suggestion is for something new and innovative, not a tired copy of the inconvenient and inefficient crap everyone's been building and then hating for the last quarter-Century.

Let's build three Horseshoe-shaped structures, put parking inside each of the three loops, and that way people can get from their cars to the gates efficiently and conveniently. That design was built somewhere, I forget exactly where, but it won a ton of awards for innovative design and the people who've used it just love it!

I mean, if we're going to spend a couple of billion, let's at least try to get something worthwhile, rather than something that's been repeatedly tried and has failed every time.

Anonymous said...

Let the Millennials design it since they wanted it so much and are such business travellers (LOL).