Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Great Teams Don't Have Breakdown: Statistical Glimpse At Kansas City Chiefs Collapse

An examination of hype and the inevitable late season implosion that always seems like a surprise to football novices who haven't followed the team closely. Read more:

The Chiefs Are Collapsing At Record Speed

Through Week 5 of this NFL season, there was no team better than Kansas City. The Chiefs were 5-0 with a league-best offense in almost every major category, and they'd chalked up statement wins over New England and Philadelphia, who are now the best teams in their respective conferences.


Anonymous said...

Glazer story out soon about this exact same thing in 3 2 1

Anonymous said...

Maybe the fans could take a knee in protest of the team - before the national anthem

Anonymous said...

Have the fans pooled together their loose bills and paid for one of those planes with a banner behind it to fly over Arrowhead?

That's the next step in any good fan uprising right there.

Bowtied Silverback said...

further proof that Andy Reid is a shitty coach,he singlehandedly fucked up Donavon McNabbs career