Friday, November 17, 2017

GOP Tax Plan Killing New KCI Airport???

Leftover talking point from Mayor's Sly's e-blast yesterday . . . And possibly the best thing we've heard about the middle-class tax increase so far. Read more:

KCI plan faces threat from tax reform's elimination of bond exemption - Kansas City Business Journal

Even though voters overwhelming approved plans to convert Kansas City International Airport into a single terminal, the proposal may face an even more challenging obstacle that could imperil the plan. Bloomberg reports that the U.S.


Anonymous said...

There was a banker convention a few weeks ago and when asked how many would reinvest in their business after the tax breaks and three out of five hundred raised their hands.

Anonymous said...

Ending the tax break for private activity bonds is long overdue. It's simply a federal subsidy that allows cities to subsidize bonds mostly used to fund political donor's developments.

Tired Taxpayer said...

Tax breaks, subsidized bonds and federal funds means taxpayer subsidization of KCI rebuild.
Where is the outrage, Sly promised no taxpayer money for rebuild?
Is anybody there? Does anybody care?

Anonymous said...

Well, it's back to the voters for more money. The City didn't figure on the unexpected happening, did they? Fed Gov isn't interested in our little fly-over airport.

Anonymous said...

Go GOP! Help this City from making the most costly, poorly planned airport in the country.