Get Well Soon: Kansas City Lyft Survives Horrific Gunfire Attack

More deets about the danger of Internets ride-share after this local dude recuperates following an attack in Liberty, MO:

KC Lyft driver recovering after being shot three times

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - His left side of his jaw is broken. His mouth is currently wired shut and a bullet is still lodged in his clavicle, inches from his heart. But Antoine Roston's family tells 41 Action News the father of three is making a miraculous recovery. "Yes, he's a fighter.


  1. Keep up the good fight! JoCo prayers coming your way and will rally at Homeslice

  2. Yeah keep on fighting your particular subhuman breed of inbred violence! Good luck with that!!!

    And prayers of course. That ALWAYS works!

  3. Hey, I like this guy. He was brutally shot by a white man but doesn't claim it was a hate crime. Hope he gets better soon!


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