Friday, November 03, 2017

Fear Kansas City Manicured Lawn Cancer???

The middle-class homeowner status symbol might be killing local homeowners says this local investigative reporter:

A Kansas City Writer's New Book Investigates How We Ended Up 'Doused' In Weed Killer

In her new book Whitewash: The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer, and the Corruption of Science , Kansas City-based investigative journalist Carey Gillam makes the argument that the chemical industry - particularly Monsanto - has spent decades deceiving the public about the dangers of Roundup, the popular weed killer.


JoCoPost said...

If you agree with this article, as I do, then you might appreciate a documentary playing ONE TIME ONLY on Sat. Nov. 4 at the KIFF/Kansas International Film Festival at 12:25pm:


Tickets at the box office, Glenwood Arts, 95th & Mission (lower level of Ranchmart)

Three sustainable ag projects in India, Egypt and Germany--confront the global standard of using "Roundup" with its active and deadly crop desiccant glyphsate. Be stirred as the soil transforms from poison-addictioned to organic and alive. 97 minute documentary.

Or--if you are a lobbyist for Monsanto, you won't like it, and should perhaps go to hell for selling us out. Just sayin!!!

Anonymous said...

Go get 'em, Tracy
You are fearless.

Lock your doors, because Monsanto might silkwood you...

JoCoPost said...

Here's a question, and I honestly do not know:
Does Claire McCaskill accept any money from Monsanto?

I know and like Claire. But it's tough to raise money to get re-elected to the US Senate, and Monsanto is HQ'd in St. Louis.

Any TKC readers have any info?

JoCoPost said...

This KCUR article was VERY compelling. Not mentioned is the alternative so many are taking is to start eating gluten free.

My gosh, walk thru any Aldi (I shop at four around town, whichever is closer when I need veggies and 48 cent eggs, etc not to mention the weekly specials), and Aldi (brother to the owner of Trader Joe's) has really gone wild offering gluten free products.

Now I can scrub the clementines and oranges--but fruits with skins y ou eat--eg grapes--are often sprayed. So Aldi now has half their fruits organic, and far cheaper than Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck.)

Anonymous said...

Only three posts Tracy

JoCoPost said...

Hey, 9:49. You're right. You can post all damn day, as Anonymous. But I am limited by some unwritten rule.

OK, guess I'll go mow my Poison Field, aka lawn. And then bake those cookies you've been demanding. But this time, they will be made with gluten free flour.

Seriously, get off my case. If it takes a few posts, for me to cover a topic, and rather than post anonymously, I just use my NAME, so I don't have to keep clicking those damn cars and roads on the Captcha-- and if that higher number of comments somehow lures in and gets a few more trolls to read serious stories, then, well, I'm guilty. Have a nice day!

Come see me at Glenwood Arts. KIFF starts today at 5--
I am seeing 18 movies in the next week, all there.
It's my annual staycation.

Kat is serving her special gourmet chicken salad with grapes on a croissant. Or turkey with muenster cheese sandwich. Or vegan chili. Much better food than one ever gets from ANY movie theatre concession stand. So find me, in my blue Volunteer Tshirt-- and I'll buy you a cup of chili.

I love TKC. I hate Monsanto. And you? Yet to be determined till we talk face to face.

Anonymous said...

Tracy's on fire!!!
What say we all show up, the Trolls of TKC--

Karen Silkwood said...

Be careful out there, Tracy.
Telling the truth can be dangerous.
I'm not sure who is more of a threat--
TKC's trolls
Or David Jungerman

Chuck--you're her friend. You best show up at the Glenwood in a warrior camo outfit, to look out for your girl.

Chuck said...

My camo is at the dry cleaners, it was a rough Halloween night.

Anonymous said...

This kind of propaganda is no stranger to Missouri. The lead industry said lead paint was safe. Even told us a lead sheild was safe to handle radio active material but it's leaked into the ground water. Tobacco industry followed. You had politician's like Ike Skeleton who ushered in these cancers.

Anonymous said...

Ahh the sexy, sensuous and always mysteriously alluring Tracy is in on a roll. Read the St. Louis Post about Claire. Tracy. It's free unlike your rag.

Super Dave said...

Give them hell Tracy, you're just lucky you don't have the herp derp guy trolling you.

Super Dave said...

I look at it as rather insane the amount of chemicals people spread all over their yards so their weeds can look greener than the neighbors next door do. Or the sprays they lay down to kill areas they are to lazy to run a weedeater over. How about the huge amounts of water that is wasted watering the grass to keep it green in the summer. How many times have you been driving down the street in a rainstorm and seen lawn sprinklers running at the same time? Meanwhile all those chemicals you have applied to your yard are washing right off of it.

All these chemicals are and will come back to harm us. They never go away, they just recycle back into our water system.

Anonymous said...

Better living through chemistry.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything created in a laboratory that is good for mankind?

JoCoPost said...

Well, most readers of TKC would say, sure, 1:11.
Dolly Parton's breast implants.

Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Herp derp...I ugh stupid u say...ugh..stallcer...ugh...herp derp.

Anonymous said...

Tracy yes but she keeps those to herself.

Anonymous said...

Kansas Cancer

Anonymous said...

1:58 makes his appearance, choking on Byron's dick again.

Anonymous said...

I know Carey Gillam, worked with her for about a year at the Biz Journal, and can attest to the high caliber investigative reporter she is.
If you want to know more about agribusiness, get George Pyle's seminal book, "Raising Less Corn and More Hell," which thoroughly exposes the entire agribusiness racket. I also worked with George at the Olathe Daily News, and he is a giant in getting to the bottom of this. He was among three finalists for a Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing just a few years ago. He's now the editorial page editor at the Salt Lake Tribune. These journalists are a pair to draw to, as they say.