Thursday, November 16, 2017

Even More Kansas City Standout News Links

In much the same way that the world is now filled with Instagram hottie models, there's a great deal of important Kansas City news out there that deserves attention and maybe not a full discussion. Take a look:

KC Innocent Man Talks Newfound Freedom

1 month later - Lamonte McIntyre says freedom still seems surreal

He was in prison for 23-and-a-half years for a double murder that he didn't commit. Now - he's had one month of freedom. And Lamonte McIntyre says it all still seems surreal. But, he's enjoying getting used to it. "It feels like winning the lottery, that's what it feels like."

Kansas City Suspect List

Kansas City Crime Stoppers Most Wanted Fugitives

Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers most wanted fugitives. Updated Nov. 15, 2017.

JoCo Election Aftermath Fight

OP lame ducks quack down attempt to delay incentive votes - Kansas City Business Journal

Overland Park Councilman Paul Lyons argued Wednesday that two Finance, Administration and Economic Development Committee agenda items involving incentives should be delayed, given that three of the six members will be replaced in January as a result of the Nov. 7 election in which the city's use of incentives became a major issue.

Show-Me Guv Under Fire

Did Missouri's governor break the law in bid to oust top school leader?

JEFFERSON CITY * Gov. Eric Greitens is being accused of breaking the law in his controversial bid to oust the state's top school official. In a statement issued Wednesday, House Minority Leader Gail McCann Beatty said Greitens violated state statute in September when he removed state Board of Education member Melissa Gelner from office.

KCMO Club Life Save

CNA's quick action saves a man's life after shooting at KCMO night club

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Sherri Davis says everything was peaceful until the end when she was out with friends and family last Friday. Late that night, Davis said she went to Bob's In Motion Nightclub near East 57th Street and Troost Avenue to celebrate her son's 33rd birthday when bullets ripped across the air.

Community News #TBT Report

Highest point in KC housed corruption cleanser

This advertising postcard from The Westmoreland Company shows a residence at 74th and Mercier streets. The actual residence shown on the card is a house at 7404 Mercier St. that basically looks the same as it did when this postcard was published in 1914.

Kansas City Foodie Celebration

How Corvino Pulled Off Its Plan to Be Kansas City's Most Ambitious Restaurant

ost people go to Kansas City for the barbecue. I go for the fried rice. The kind I still dream about -- a far cry from the clumpy rice huddled with frozen vegetables that gets scooped into takeout cartons -- is a staple dish of chef Michael Corvino's namesake restaurant, Corvino, on the Missouri side of downtown Kansas City.

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