Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Dead-Tree Promotes Kansas City Democracy Crackdown Before Upcoming Election

The newspaper is out to win the next vote for the local corporate and civic elite by way of gerrymandering and eliminating direct Democracy. Redistricting sounds nice until locals get a look at the haphazard and mostly arbitrary way that it's accomplished. Meanwhile, newsies don't really understand The Voting Rights Act so they always underestimate their influence in this complicated process.

Take a look:

How to improve local government: Redraw City Council districts and change the petition process

Kansas Citians weary from repeated trips to the voting booth won't get much rest next year. There will likely be a vote on renewing a sales tax for public improvements, and mid-term elections will put state and federal offices on the ballot.


Byron Funkhouser said...

Get rid of the racist "at large" council seats.

Anonymous said...

The six at-large and the mayor are all elected citywide. Would the mayor's seat be considered racist as well?

Anonymous said...

Just another plan to further disenfranchise voters north of the River.
That area, the only part of the City that is growing in population, is getting too big to be disregarded, and the "diversity" levels now existing in that part of the City invalidate any attempt to dismiss the entire area as the "Great White North".

A much fairer Plan would be to keep the existing 12-seat Council structure, but change the District boundaries to six East-West lines, adjusted North-South every ten years to achieve population equalities.

Of course, this sort of fairness cannot be done in Kansas City, since it would create several disadvantages...
1) it would destroy the barriers that insulate the Waldo-Ward Parkway "elites" from any minority influence,

2) it would no longer assure a minimum of at least four African American Council Members,

3) it might even allow some Hispanic Representation in City Government.

All of these undesirable situations could result from true "One Person, One Vote" representation, and none of them could be permitted to encroach on the current "Racism/Reverse-Racism, Anti-Hispanic/Asian Based" Council Structure".

Anonymous said...

Thanks to redistricting they put my part of town in with the blacks which never made any sense, unless it was all about redistributing the wealth. I’d be really really happy with the districts that are mentioned above in 5:58’s comments.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of the racist "West Virginia" posters.

Anonymous said...

"The petition process hurts Kansas City" Please ask the writer to provide examples of where additional input on proposals has "HURT" Kansas City. How many "special" elections have taken place in the last five years?
This is typical DOUBLE THINK provided by the dead tree media.