Thursday, November 23, 2017

Dead-Tree Media Celebrates Corporate Myth Of Rigged Election 'Momentum' For Kansas City

Here's the newspaper manufacturing consent by way of limp editorial on the topic of low-turnout elections that were bought and paid in order to maximize profit for some of the biggest companies in town at the expense of Kansas City taxpayers. Take a look:

Be thankful for a better Kansas City, made one step at a time

Kansas Citians will likely celebrate this Thanksgiving Day with a sense of community satisfaction and some anxiety. We live in a demanding and confusing time. The headlines are relentless, like a blast from a fire hose: Sexual harassment. Foreign interference in elections. Obamacare and tax policy. Gun massacres. Immigration, famine, war.



Anonymous said...

One of the worst op-eds written by the “board”.
No charismatic spark- mundane and about a 5th grade level thinking.
This should spark in KC Star leaders the move to eliminate the editorial staff.
It is divisive and contributes to the declination of readership.
Wait... please add more members and keep see-sawing on selling the glasss building from which the op-ed board keeps throwing rocks.
Those who short sell the stock will be happy.
What a mess The Star is... May you meet the same demise as The Times.

Anonymous said...

Crime and high water bills are at the bottom of the priority list for Sly James and the city council.

Anonymous said...

as much fun as it is to watch the agonizing demise of the newsaper, we're going to be in even bigger trouble without it.

my butt hurts said...

Your right 5:54. The Star, is devisive, becuase I dont like it. It doesnt print, what I want, to read.

Anonymous said...

While the pictured Mr. McIntyre was freed from an injustice, Star readers aren't so fortunate, remaining condemned and incarcerated to the tortuous ways of the Star Editorial Board.

"We live in a demanding and confusing time."
In this sentence, the writer is reflecting upon their employment with the Star and McClatchy.

"..they approved an $800 million bond raise sales of a new terminal at Kansas City International Airport."
The Star gives thanks for increasing the tax burden on working-class KC residents, while the Star doesn't pay their fair share, and most of the editorial board live in Kansas.

"After years of erratic performance, the Kansas City Public School system seems to have stabilized."
I believe this is what's referred to as revisionist history. KC public schools have stabilized? I now know what you call that moment when the toilet is backed up, and the water stops rising just before spilling over onto the floor! Stabilization!

And over on the Kansas side of the state line, where most of this board resides, they're equally ecstatic that "they passed historic tax increases."
The Star editorial board LOVES tax increases! Can't get enough of them!

Can you tell which member of the board wrote this piece? I'd say it was written by a woman with a liberal, false sense of reality. Someone who ignores the truth in favor of a glossy false sheen which she applies heavily to her observed world. A simple-minded, almost childlike naivety. Because in closing, she mentioned the farmers who grow the food, I'm betting that this editorial was written by Colleen (aka Fair and Balanced) Nelson.

Anonymous said...

That's a lot if salad you tossed there.

Anonymous said...

And you read the whole daggum thing, didn't you?