Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Coin Flip Decides Mission Woods Vote

The suburbanite game of chance made national news if only because the incredibly low stakes of the outcome. Check the story from our favorite country club blogger:

Merriam councilman hangs on to seat by 2 votes; coin flip determines outcome in Mission Woods race

The bulk of candidates in northeast Johnson County could be confident of the results in their races when the unofficial tally was posted last Tuesday night. But for candidates in two area cities, Monday's canvass at the Johnson County Election Office was crucial. Merriam Ward 2 councilman Brian Knaff and challenger Patty Newkirk found themselves ...


Public Service Announcement said...

Appears voting in the golden ghetto sucks as bad as it does in Kansas City. Another item of note is I didn't think more than 15 people lived in Mission Woods.

Mission Woods has one of the highest, if not the highest, police drive by (your house) rates of any city in Johnson County. This contributes to the very low crime rate. Well look at it this way, how long does it take to drive by app 78 houses?

Anonymous said...

Heads somebody wins, tails nobody cares.