Saturday, November 04, 2017

Celebrate Kansas City Music Scene Support

EPIC camraderie and maybe a reminder that this town isn't so bad as these local unite to help their colleagues coping with the dearth of affordable American healthcare. Checkit:

Local Musicians Give Back to Support KKFI - Kansas City infoZine

Local Musicians Give Back to Support KKFI Kansas City, MO - infoZine - In the only event of its kind in the Kansas City community, KKFI 90.1 presents the Stockyards Brewing Co. Fall Band Auction, an on-air music festival when over 50 solo acts, duos, and full bands will audition live over three music-packed days on KKFI 90.1FM for a two-hour concert just for you.


Anonymous said...

KKFI, another arm pit of the universe community radio fake station.

Anonymous said...

The modern musical factory conveyor belt.

Real KC said...

^^^ not fair on both fronts, the do a lot of great community programming and they do great work in providing perspectives that other radio stations would not dare cover. Great station, only the geezers hate it.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ My bullshit meter is pegged.

KKFI = the millennium's answer to the Little Rascals on with dementia.