Thursday, November 09, 2017

Celebrate Kansas City East Crossroads Bus Stop Eco-Devo Tax Breaks Coming Soon!!!

Here's local guv working desperately diligently to capitalize and/or ruin a thriving biz community that they hope to direct Eastward. Take a look:

KCATA seeks to provide lot for development along 18th Street corridor

The Kansas City Area Transit Authority (KCATA) owns a two-and-half acre lot at the corner of 18th and Troost that sits in the shadow of downtown, which it hopes one day will be a beacon for development in the area.


Anonymous said...

And how much is all this "developmenting and partnershiping" going to cost the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

In KCMO it's not enough that the mayor and council give away hundreds of millions of tax breaks, subsidies, and outright giveaways to "developers".
There's also an increasingly large number of obscure agencies like the Planned Industrial Expansion Authority, and jokes like the Port Authority pushing their way into the "eco devo" giveaway game.
And now even the ATA?
There's no end to the efforts of KCMO to give away the taxpayers' money or to waste it on amusements and toys.