Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Celebrate The Gerlach Golden Ghetto Dynasty

Despite ongoing complaints about more apartments, slightly higher crime and typical inner-suburban fear . . . This politico wins the voter love of his community again:

Gerlach Wins Fourth Term As Overland Park Mayor

Carl Gerlach was facing his first opponent in eight years for re-election as Overland Park mayor. In the end, he easily brushed aside challenger Charlotte O'Hara. Gerlach grabbed 63 percent of the vote. O'Hara got 37 percent. The incumbent ran on the economic success of Overland Park during his time in office, including the revitalization of downtown and adding 23,000 jobs.


Anonymous said...

Yawn. This guy is perfect for OP. Has all the personality of your typical OP cul-de-sac.

Anonymous said...

Is he on some mothers' little helpers, or is he always as ODD as he appeared on the late news clips after his win, yesterday? His fixed gaze, those replies in a slowish monotone, and his head absolutely stationary with only his lower jaw slightly opening to speak was creepy Steppford-ish. Guess 9:14 is onto something.

john said...

thank u