Things aren't looking good for the corporate backers of a controversial airport measure if the newspaper has taken a brief respite from playing cheerleader to offer a bit of balance.

Apparently, politicos hit with tough questions from the public on the sight unseen new airport has created a moment of doubt.

Meanwhile, a worthwhile face-off today . . .

BNIM Honcho - Bob Berkebile: Yes on Question 1: Air passenger demands have changed since 1972

Save KCI Creator - Kevin Koster: No on Question 1: Kansas City should press ‘pause’ on a single terminal

You decide . . .


  1. Sly's quips on billion dollar matters just make him look like an asshat. The plan has glaring holes as any one month rush job would. Sly's actions lead you to believe that things going forward will be as bad as they have been. Berkobile is past his coherence if he is going to pretend a one month slam is how a fine plan is prepared. What a jerk Sly is talking about bathroom colors. It is about autonomous shuttles and tech breakthroughs and fifty years of futures you half baked bs artist. It is also about integrity and deliberation and best practices. It also might be about Amazon unless Sly is ceding that is already lost.

  2. Sly pretends to have a smart city then pretends he will build a smart airport. No way the one month slam with no apparent tech engagement got 50 years of go forward futures right. No way. Amazon would vommit all over Sly's cluster. See what they are doing in Cincinatti where Amazon is picking up a big portion of the cost. This is a horribly rushed flawed process and it will not stand up to scrutiny.

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  4. The Chamber swells just wanted Sly to ram through an empty pork wrapper. How out of depth and off on best practices they both are and they arrogantly don't care. Vote no to watch Sly squirm, after this debacle he fronted.

  5. And Marc's deafening silence during this demonstration of worst practices in planning is enlightening. This is not how it is done.

  6. Blank check from the taxpayers? Hell, yeah. That's how things are done in KC. Our city and others just like it have SUCKER written all over City Hall. The flim-flam guys know just who to "take to lunch" around here. Can you say BOHICA? The taxpayers, not the frequent flyers, not folks in Leavenworth, and certainly not the airlines, will be paying the tab. Get your wallets out and prepare to pay and pay and pay. VOTE NO on November 7.


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