Sunday, November 19, 2017

Bishop Miege Stags Stay Winning!!!

Nice human interest and testament to local Catholic success . . . Also the author of this blog was part of this proud tradition and a member of one of the worst teams from this school to ever take the field. Linked because a lot alumni read the blog and know what I'm talking about . . . Here's nicer news:

Bishop Miege's dominance in football

It's said that, in life, there are only two constants: death and taxes. Well, you can add a third: The Miege Stags.


Public Service Announcement said...

Bishop Miege should have to play in a division more suited to the school. They win all the time because they play against schools located in areas that don't have the kids to choose from like BM does. If BM had to play in the same division as Blue Valley and Shawnee Mission schools did they wouldn't be so dominate

Anonymous said...

When you can recruit of course you're good. But, but Miege doesn't recruit. Yeah, I know how many black Catholics there are. Shane Ray grew up poor in the hood with a single mom. Somehow they could afford private Catholic school. Ok.

Anonymous said...

7:23 you are a fucking idiot. Not only have they played the 5A and 6A teams that are playing for the state titles, they have beaten them. So shut the fuck up with that lame bullshit. They will play anyone, anytime, anywhere, and beat their asses. They are "STAGS".

Anonymous said...

Actually 9:28 you're the idiot, Miege a better fit in Class 6A football. A private school of Mieges size shouldn't be going up against tiny public schools dists.

Anonymous said...