Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Big Media Seyz: Missouri AG Josh Hawley Confronts Lawsuit Over Residence As He's Backed By Tech Titan Against Google

The fight over MO AG and political noob Jeff Hawley's residence is actually old news and something that he claims to have answered . . . Silicon Valley tech cash funding the top lawman in Missouri an Internets slap-fight is actually a much bigger story that could alienate the dude from "traditional" Show-Me State voters who like their politico strings pulled locally. Take a peek:

Is Peter Thiel Trying to Take Down Google?

Peter Thiel, the billionaire venture capitalist who bankrolled Gawker's destruction and later became Silicon Valley's most outspoken Trump supporter, appears to be aiming his ambiguously libertarian ideology at a new target: Google. Thiel's antagonism toward Google dates back years; he's called the company a monopoly both in his book Zero to One and on stage at a conference with Google executive Eric Schmidt.


Anonymous said...

Why should Hawley live close to his office? He doesn't spend any time doing his job! He and Ms. Paradise share an apartment in Jeff City, but they only use it for "cat naps" on the rare occasions when he comes to town.

And why should he live in the Senate District he wants to represent? That sort of outdated thinking is what is delaying implementation of the alt-right's MALK Campaign!


Anonymous said...

^ clever response, pajama boy. Go back to your basement room and do better next time.