Friday, November 10, 2017

Allegedly Booming Biz For Grandview Creeper

Nasty dealings alleged out in the stix . . .

Grandview sex offender accused of illegally selling explosive devices

A 63-year-old Grandview man, who is also a registered sex offender, is charged with illegally distributing explosive devices. Robert A. Vik allegedly sold 15 improvised explosive devices in October to an undercover agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.


Anonymous said...

Should use one of them on his nuts.

Anonymous said...

For fuck sakes are these Feds fucking drama queens or what? These explosive devices, as described, are home made M-80s and you can buy all the shit to make them on ebay. Seriously folks is this why we spent billions beefing up these Federal agencies after 911 - so they could chase after firecrackers? Improvised explosive devices my fat ass! ...a Federal undercover operation over fancy firecrackers? ...Jesus shit how stupid does stupid get! Your tax dollars at work.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:38, the things this asswipe was making were SIX INCHES LONG!
That's just a bit bigger than any M-80!
That's getting into "HOLY SHIT, WHERE'D MY FINGERS GO?" range.

If you think these were simply "fancy firecrackers", try to imagine the longest hard-on you've ever had, then double it and add a fuse - that'll almost be enough to give you an idea.