Friday, October 27, 2017


Union picketing could impact the upcoming November election for Mayor as the incumbent confronts quite a bit of grassroots resistance and for many David Alvey seems like a better alternative. Read more:

Kansas City, Kansas, firefighters fear potential closure of stations

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- The budget battle continues between KCK leaders and the city's fire department. Firefighters are concerned Mayor Mark Holland could close four fire stations per the recommendation of a 2015 study the city commissioned. Their fears stem from the fact he has already implemented some of the study's suggestions.


Anonymous said...

The firefighters of course. Holland is the dipshit that bragged about the diversity the Dotte has. What he forgot was what a drain on resources those people are and how they contribute almost nothing.

Super Dave said...

Firefighters for sure in this case.

Anonymous said...

Firefighters and Cops hate Holland. He's out.

Anonymous said...

I Favor the Firefighters NOT some 2 bit Commie Liberal piece of shit Sanctuary City fuckin' Mayor !!!

Anonymous said...

Holland needs the money so he can play developer in downtown KCK. Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

8:27 you are forgetting Holland's base; church people and overpaid UG employees. City/county offices are so bloated with old useless geezers who are won't leave because they love tax payers money to pay their benefits. 20 hr work weeks are punishing. The UG retirees healthcare plan will raise ANOTHER 14% Jan 2018. They're staying put to avoid paying the high premiums.

Holland has put his diverse population on the UG payroll. Have you seen the county trucks with two guys driving around just to water plants? One guy sleeps while the other drives around wasting time.

It's no secret Holland hates the fire department. They cut into his fun money. As far as the healthy campus development project, please stop us from dying laughing. The weight of the sheriffs office & BPU are around 300lbs and rotting from the inside. How much violence occurs every night and day between the sheriff dept and KCKPD? Healthy campus surrounded by a war zone. Good one Holland.

He remodels his office while KCKFD sleeps in toxic waste dumps. How much money has been paid to consultants who do nothing but support his foolishness? The tax payer fed Ymca, takes our money and gives to Holland for his reelection fund. How much grant money does he spread around to keep so called non-profits who have pledged loyalty to keep luxury travel and huge salaries flowing that produce little results? Too much too count.

I'm no fan of the other guy, but the big money boys need their development bonds to continue their criminal enterprises. Nothing ever changes in the Dotte when only a small % of voters get off their asses to vote. Don't you love it when a plan comes together.

Anonymous said...

Holland is not my favorate but the fuckin fire fighters are always craying about something. never happy.