Vandals Revisit Sleaze Summit And Commit Another Massive Air Rifle Attack On Cars

Tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage as the suburban good life proves tragic for working families. Take a look:

Police investigate second string of vehicles damaged by air rifles in Lee's Summit

Some people in the Lee's Summit area woke up to an unwelcome surprise Halloween morning, finding broken glass and shattered car windows. Police say it's because someone went on a vandalizing spree using an air rifle. Investigators are asking for help after roughly 35 cars were damaged.


  1. What has happened to Lee’s Summit? I know it was never Joco, but still thought it was a fairly safe/peaceful place to live.

  2. @8:50 - Vandalism of this sort is the purview of mighty whitey teenagers. And 6:33, I grew up in Leawood, and this shit happens there too.


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