Close readers of the blog might know it, but one of my heroes was Christopher Hitchens who absolutely objected to and openly challenged the practice of identity politics whenever he encountered it during the later part of his career before he died of cancer caused by smoking, booze and meanness.

For those who don't remember him, Hitch was a brilliant author and speaker who penned erudite essays that were far more complex and memorable than the mean tweets that now pass for discussion from the likes of MILO and pundits from both sides of the aisle. But I digress . . .

What has become troubling about the discourse in Kansas City is that identity politics is so commonly practiced that locals have become accustomed to trite and flimsy arguments simply because they start with someone saying . . . "Speaking as a . . ." etc.

To be fair, empathy is a good thing and a practice that makes us better humans. But when we're debating policy, not just cultural barroom blathering . . . Like it or not, we have to move beyond emotive discourse.

And so, a recent note on the topic of bi-racial SJW rhetorical tactics sent our way is intriguing.

It's way too long to publish in its entirety but raises AN INTERESTING ALTERNATIVE PERSPECTIVE that's unafraid to challenge popular conceptions and something that MSM is too scared to even discuss despite their constant kowtowing to racially driven discourse from an allegedly "progressive" but constantly condescending viewpoint.

Note that TKC doesn't agree with much about this note  . . . In our view, Americans have always been far too race-obsessed and mostly incapable of escaping history, prejudices and sexual fantasies . . . Still, there is NO DOUBT that this bit of reader feedback is worthy of discussion and consideration as Internets trolling has deemed so many topics verboten.

From "a TKC reader who appreciates KC's last free speech forum . . ."

In each case, we see a black/white biracial individual, raised in a white head of household, who has sought to become a representative spokesperson for social justice causes claiming that minorities (specifically black) are unfairly discriminated against by omnipresent white institutional racism. 

Isn't there something rather perverse about multimillionaires speaking on behalf of the oppressed? Their very status as millionaires would seem to speak against the existence of a pervasive institutional racism conspiring against them. 

If an oppressive racial conspiracy is actively working to suppress people of color, how did Colin Kaepernick become one of only a handful of NFL quarterbacks, Barack Obama attend Harvard Law School before becoming President of the United States, and Jenee Osterheldt be selected for Harvard's Nieman Fellows program in between writing articles for The Kansas City Star?

Brief TKC interlude . . . The above passage is fascinating if only because it supports a TKC Axiom: The only color that really matters is green.

Here's the conclusion from the reader . . .

Additionally, studies indicate that biracial youth suffer from self-identity dysfunction at higher rates than those who identity as one race only. I would suggest that the opinions on racial disparity within the United States from people like Kaepernick, Obama, and Osterheldt, may reveal more about their personal struggles with black abandonment than with actual practices of oppression inflicted by white society upon them. I for one, would welcome a movement to encourage Americans of all races to promote strong family relationships based upon a 2-parent household. Of course, that will be a lot harder than pointing the finger at someone else, taking a knee, raising a fist, or marching in the streets blocking traffic. Personal responsibility isn't easy, which is why so many choose not to practice it.

Readers responses are welcome. Strong Families Matter . . . Anyone?


  1. Interesting. I would like to read more from this TKC reader. Something that very few people are willing to talk about without all the typical blame game mentality.

    1. The reader was not very empathetic at all. Sorry Tony but not even Trump cares about family values anymore, the Republicans rejected that when they rejected Cruz. Our President has had three wives. The American family is dead and that goes for both black and white.

  2. Bi-racial has only been around for millions of years.
    So why is it a big deal now?


  4. The devils in the details and always has been.

  5. Ok, I admit, don't care for Kaepernick, Obama, or Osterheldt. For that matter I don't care for Hollywood fantasy crap.
    I don't care for skinheads, LBGT, which both are in the same circle. Nor do I care for whites, blacks, Latinos Orientals and any other kind of ilk that refuses to work for a living.
    I don't care for children of any age who are still on their mother's tit.

    I really don't care for politicians of any kind, or the assholes who try to direct them for OUR (?) benefit, period.

    What I do like, is pissing off, any of, the above holier-than-thou dickheads on this page male or female.

    So, like it or not, until Tony pulls me from this page I will continue to piss off the blissful ignoramuses who think they have it so bad.

    Speaking as......

  6. The theme this week is The Rot Within.

  7. What Gray Back said.

    He tell da truth unlike the bifacial SJW pieces of snake shit.

  8. Finally a person who understands the situation. It takes brains not slogans or in your face protests against the nation that provides freedom to Obama Osterheld and Kaepernick and the rest of us.

  9. No question the Democrats made a huge mistake abandoning labor a creating identity politics

  10. My respect for you went up a notch, Tony. Christopher Hitchens truly was a brilliant writer who could make fools out of the overwhelming majority of those posing as serious journalists today.

  11. What the SJWs say is a black incarceration problem is actually a black criminality problem. What the SJWs say is a black school suspension imbalance actually results from a widespread black family breakdown. What the SJWs say are social problems caused by slavery actually correlate much more closely with Lyndon Johnson's Great Society and welfare programs. What the SJWs say is a grassroots movement is really a well funded and professionally organized campaign to get black voters back on the Democratic Party Plantation.

  12. Hitchens was a war mongering drunk who supported the endless middle eastern wars to the hilt.

    Of course, he never served a day in his life.

    Oh, and he was a degenerate atheist.

  13. Chuck! Where are you?

  14. Really great comment. Of course The Star won't touch it because they're too busy playing the Democrat line!

  15. A bit of insight from Gray Back, that is unusual. Get people thinking and they prove to be much more complex than stereotypes would suggest.

  16. The writer is at least civil. However, shallow analysis will not be covered over by civility alone. Colin Kaepernick Barack Obama and Jenee Osterheldt are in unique positions to provide exactly what the author fails to see--unique, penetrating and accurate insights into the ongoing racial and social divides in America.

    Listen to them! Avoiding the obvious will only allow us to regress ever more rapidly into the terrible pit toward which we are heading.

  17. One side says they are a .......fill in the hyphenated American
    The other side just wonders why they won't just they are Americans
    How can there be the unity everyone demands if we can't even fix that

  18. ^^^ +1

    A great point to start the discussion.

  19. Hitch was a genius ! Those of you dumbshit LIBERAL Democrat Snowflake faggot BITCHES that dis him , or Tony's respect for him should read anything that he wrote , you will learn something , that is of course you know how to read and absorb high level thinking , BITCHES !¡!!¡

  20. Regarding the three persons named above, they are all self-described biracial individuals, born to white mothers and absent black fathers.

    Kaepernick was born in 1987 in Milwaukee Wisconsin, to Heidi Russo, a 19-year-old white woman who was single at the time. His birth father, an African American man, left Russo before Colin was born. Russo placed Colin for adoption with Rick and Teresa Kaepernick, a white couple who had two children.
    As an elite NFL quarterback, Kaepernick has a reported net worth of some 20+ million dollars.

    Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu Hawaii. He was born to an 18-year-old white mother and a black married man from Kenyan, with whom he had virtually no contact. He was predominately raised by his white maternal grandparents.
    Upon leaving the White House, President Obama had a reported net worth of over 12 million dollars.

    Osterheldt was born in 1971 according to a Casenet legal divorce filing, although other sources list her age as approximately 8 years younger. Regardless, she too was born to a young white mother (dob 1955) and black father. The presumption is that her biological parents never married, and her father was not present in her life, as she's repeatedly written about growing up with a single mother.

    3 black/white biracial individuals abandoned by their black fathers, and because it's too psychologically painful to acknowledge that sin, they cope by blaming white society which allows them to keep their fictional hero father figure alive and intact.

  21. Hitch never served.

    But he loved the Middle East Wars.

    I am glad his is gone.

  22. For centuries these blonde white chicks have discovered over and over again, once you go black, you never go back....

  23. You never go back because no decent man would ever have anything to do with your skanky whore's ass!

  24. Who the fuck writes this wacko bullshit?

  25. Merriam-Webster definition of gray back: (1) a Confederate soldier; (2) any of various animals: gray whale, knot, dowitcher, scaup duck, BODY LOUSE, lake herring.

    Excellent choice for your name, white trash!


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