Monday, October 16, 2017


Our blog community has been talking about CITY HALL SCUTTLING KCI FOR YEARS AND WE EVEN WROTE ABOUT IT BACK IN JANUARY. Here's the newspaper following our lead.

Take a look:

As city pushes for new airport, some wonder if KCI disrepair is intentional

Kansas City International Airport still has most of its original 44-year-old water mains, which means they break frequently, putting bathrooms out of commission or opening sinkholes under the roads. Baggage handling systems, brand new at the turn of the century, are fragile and in need of replacement.


Anonymous said...

They might not have original ideas. But guess I'm glad they're willing to look at the obvious.

Hyperblogal said...

Of course it's intentional.

Anonymous said...

Well, duh. Intentional and well-timed.

Anonymous said...

the neglect has been obvious for a couple of years.

a cynical way to persuade people that a brand new airport is needed.

James International.

seanot said...

As caretaker of the city's public assets, the city government has a terrible track record. Is the condition of KMCI surprising? Of course not. Building a new airport will not change that.

Anonymous said...

Duh! Are you serious?

Anonymous said...

What better way to bring home the "we need a new airport" message than to let the current one fall apart. I knew that's what they were going to do when I saw the condition of the restrooms and the overflowing trash cans way back in March. All they need now is to turn off the water in the terminals and claim that "they can't fix the problems" - so sorry - without a billion dollar fix.

If the City has to declare a loss in November, the place will continue to deteriorate ON PURPOSE just to stick it to the taxpayers. "See, we told you this airport is crap. Now you must live with the consequences of YOUR vote."

I'm so fed up with the low tactics this city and it's "owners" use to screw us over.
Vote NO in November, please.

Gray Back said...

Ya think?

Anonymous said...

LaGuardia,JFK,O'Hare,LAX,Heathrow,the St.Louis,Minneapolis and San Francisco airports (just to name a few) are all much older than KCI.
When those airports needed upgrading and additional amenities, those cities did not build new airports. They remodeled their existing buildings.

Gray Back said...

But, 4:36, this is Killa City. Meth Town talked about an airport once. It was a con, but now, if meth town was smart they might give Killa City a run for it.mind

Never mind

Anonymous said...

Dear Troy Schulte, go over maintenece records for the air port and the water/sewer dept for the care of the infrastructure. You will most likely find few to none of any work done. Then go over the employees who are supposed to maintain these equipments and you will see that they "said they did something". Ask what they did. Most of their paycheck is for sitting around doing nothing. Any degradation is due to neglect, deferment, or just plain blown off. Sure is fun to work at the airport as a city employee. Many lifers' there. This is your tax dollars wasted, not at work.

Anonymous said...

Pass an ordinance defining an amount that can be held in an "Airport Operations Reserve Fund", then another ordinance that any income beyond Debt Service and restoration of the "Reserve Fund" balance that is not spent on Airport Operations and Maintenance reverts to the City's General Fund at the end of the fiscal year.

That'll shake the cash loose from the Aviation Department's hands and make sure the place is kept up! Hell, from the amounts they mention, it'll probably result in KCI having gold-plated urinals and bidets.