Great journalism from The Examiner offers and "official" take on the developments we've been talking about behind the scenes . . .

First, a look at Executive Frank White under siege:

Examiner: County remains at odds over Combat appointment

And then . . .

Something we should have got to earlier . . .


Examiner: County on guard for stadiums' future

What have we learned here . . .

JUST LIKE KICK-ASS JACKSON COUNTY INSIDERS TOLD US . . . The implosion of a formerly popular KCMO politico is now impossible to deny amid a local legislative body confronting a crisis of leadership.

Developing . . .


  1. Frank was never qualified to hold the Executive office. He needed to learn more as a legislator. A lot of us saw this coming, glad that more people are seeing it now.

  2. I bet Nutter is rolling over in his grave.

  3. Caleb Clifford Is The Problem10/11/17, 9:01 AM

    As someone who works for a commercial firm that favors a downtown ballpark, I have been involved with this effort through higher-ups. The Examiner story is correct; although, I disagree with the policy assumptions made by Mr. Waits, who brings several conflicts of interest to this discussion. The discussions on this proposal was brought down by an over aggressive member of Jackson County staff, who offered money that the county did not have and without approval of the legislature or County Executive, which the developers did not understand at the time.

    Tony, your jump to directly assign the effort to Frank White has no basis in fact. Frank White holds responsibility because only indirectly, in the form of retaining Caleb Clifford as his Chief of Staff. Clifford is directly responsible for the failure that I described in the first paragraph. Clifford misrepresented himself by claiming to "have sign-on" by Frank White and a "working majority" of the County Legislature. He also told us that it was politically important that we deal only with him, until the deal was finalized. We only sought a framework for discussion, and not a deal but Clifford insisted on sailing while the stars are aligned. We believed Clifford because he said everything with such confidence. Only after some developers began making contact with the County Executive, Legislator Tarwater and others did the proponents of developing a downtown ballpark find out that we were willfully misled by Clifford.

    We should have known better because on several occasions Clifford spoke in dismissive terms about Frank White. "Frank is not qualified to make decisions without me, and we are 1000 percent for this." "We all know that Frank is a jock who was better at turning a double play than administrating anything." Even if you believe that kind of thing to be true, no one who has a lick of sense makes that kind of statement about their boss to outside parties. We should have known something was wrong with Clifford.

    Caleb Clifford is a charlatan. There is also reason to believe that he is a self-dealer. At the very least, Clifford is too accustomed to demanding special treatment ( "Send your limo by to get me."), than an honorable public servant should be. Since he accelerated simple discussions and drove the effort into a tree, several of the private sector participants have complained to Frank White about Caleb Clifford. We also understand that retired public officials have told Frank White that he needs to rid himself of Caleb Clifford. This good counsel goes unheeded by White, who holds some kind of mystical loyalty to Clifford.

    Yes, it might be true that Frank White did not "learn" the corrupt ways of Jackson County Government like Dennis Waits or Dan Tarwater. We should be happy about that; however, it is also true that Frank White lacks the ability to judge people. The way Caleb Clifford used Frank White's name should have led to the former's immediate termination. Mr. White your Chief of Staff is untrustworthy and destructive and everyone sees it but you.

  4. Word around the campfire is that this is only one example of Caleb using Frank's name, without permission.

  5. @ 9:01 agree wholeheartedly that Clifford is a piece of shit. But the buck stops with Frank White. He hired Clifford. But Clifford isn't the only POS Frank has chosen to surround himself with. They all, Frank included, need to be flushed out.

  6. I don't know who should be more embarrassed, Frank for taking a job he wasn't remotely qualified for or the Legislators who appointed him executive in the first place.

  7. No doubt that Caleb is Frank's fault. Someday in the future, Frank will be sitting on that back deck and it will dawn on him that he should have never fallen for Caleb's horseshit.

  8. This story about no one on county staff being allowed to talk to Frank or the legislature without going through Caleb is a sign of mental illness.

  9. No one cast a single vote for Caleb Clifford, but the prick is running Jackson County. Frank seems to be OK with that. Maybe the Legislators ought to just slash the Executive Office budget. Cut all those high salaries in half, and stop letting taxpayers foot the bill for Frank's own personal PR team.

  10. ^^^ Frank's own personal PR team. What the fuck are talking about?

  11. The Jackson County Legislature doesn't need to worry abut the Royals moving downtown!

    The "studies" we KC Taxpayers are shelling out for are nothing more than Troy Shulte throwing cash at prospective employers to generate good will for the near future, when Slick is no longer Mayor and Troy Boy is out on his ass!

  12. @ 12:41 But why would Frank White's chief of staff even be a part of any discussion about a downtown ball park, seemingly all for the idea,when Jackson County owns The K? Isn't it in the county’s best interest to keep The K open?

  13. First Gloria and now Caleb? This is what you get when you hire weak men to do a big job. Man up Frank!

  14. 12:49 PM

    Because he is an arrogant boy, and Frank has no clue what he is doing most of the time. Frank just seems to think that it is his lot in life to clean up after the White Boy.

  15. This really is sad. Frank White should be in the Hall of Fame. Instead, he just bounces from one bad headline after another and he seems to be the only one in the county that does not know that it is Caleb Clifford's fault. What's wrong with Frank?

  16. Just the usual bunch of D-list celebrity wannbe clowns playing make-believe big-time developers players with someone else's money.
    And, if you live, work, or shop in Jackson County, in this case that money is YOURS.
    Most of these folks would last about a month working for a real business that had to try to make a profit.
    The farce never ends.
    Only the names change.

  17. 12:21 Frank's PR team includes the public information office, a director of communications, a staff photographer, staff videographer and at least 2 other assorted minions. Plu

  18. Give them bread and Circuses and they will never revolt!


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