Tuesday, October 24, 2017


We talked about ELECTIONEERING on the KC Taxpayer's dime last night and now it's news fact even according to dead-tree media. Checkit:

Kansas City spent taxpayer dollars on KCI election messages. That's a problem

Visitors to the City of Kansas City's website, kcmo.gov, can find an interesting corner set aside for discussion of a new terminal at Kansas City International Airport. Among the offerings: a two-page "frequently asked questions" brochure concerning the airport proposal on the November ballot.


Anonymous said...

This one more reason I will vote NO , that is if we are allowed to vote.
I'm sure that there sre others fed up with the corruption at City Hall
Sly and Jolie tested the waters with corrupt GERRYMANDERED Street Car votes AND GOT AWAY WITH IT .
I think this should be the # one issue for yhe next Mayoral and Council race..LETS CLEAN HOUSE

Anonymous said...

I suppose we could ask for volunteers to spend a few years behind bars. Assuming that won't work, perhaps our beloved county prosecutor can lend a hand.

Anonymous said...

What? City Hall being shady? No never

This things STINKS of dirty play. Yes, people will ask why we keep putting these people in power. The answer is we have no choice. When S'lie first ran who was his opponent? Mike Burke. The SAME Mike Burke who is behind the corruption that is the downtown hotel. So even had we not voted for S'lie, we'd still be at this exact place.

And who was S'lie's opponent in the last mayoral election? Exactly.

Corruption is everywhere in this city. A city where the wealthy elites purchase government and get sweetheart deals with a little money exchanging hands under the table as a token of appreciation.

Say what you will about Funkhouser, he was an asshole, unpolished, not a politician, whatever. It was all true. But he didn't stand for handing out sweetheart deals like his predecessors and successors did and do. We are BARRELING towards bankruptcy and becoming Detroit II. But hey, no one cares because S'lie will be long gone to his next gig in DC and all his wealthy elite friends would have raped the city dry by the time the shit hits the fan and tax payers REALLY have to start cashing these huge checks our trusted officials have written over the years.

The shady actions at City Hall know no bounds and just when think you've seen the worst of it you read something like this.


Anonymous said...

sLIE is crook and an asshole, he’ll do anything to get a new airport with his name on it. He thinks since he’s black he can get away with anything and nobody can do anything about it

Anonymous said...

S'lie is only out for himself and his legacy. He wants to look back one day and say, "I got the airport, the downtown hotel and the streetcar built". But he won't mention that he had to do some pretty shady shit in City Hall to get all 3 of them built. See the crooked election for the streetcar, all the cloak and dagger shit going on to get the hotel built at taxpayer expense, and all the shady shit being done to rig the airport vote.

Is anyone surprised?


Anonymous said...

sLIE don’t care it ain’t his money

JoCoPost said...

Just for the record, it's only Missouri law that permits an elected official to advocate--say vote YES>

In Kansas, where we have a bit more integrity, that is prohibited.
I know because when I was on the Shawnee City Council for 5 long years, I named the committee and advocated for Parks and Pipes, a 1/8 cent sales tax.
But we had to have a committee of citizens do the advocacy--raise the money and sent the mailers and put up signs. The mayor, Jim Allen, was NOT allowed to say Vote Yes. He could only educate and inform.

So a FAQ on a city web site, just stating the facts is allowed.

And the STAR is correct, it's shady to issue opinions and advocate on judgment calls.

Tracy Thomas
Former president, Shawnee City Council
served from 2000 -2004

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tracy. It still boggles the mind how our "trusted" officials in KCMO can get away with playing loosey goosey with the law at their leisure in an effort to get THEIR agendas pushed thru.

I'm all for progress. And I think, in general, most rational people are. But the way City Hall goes about conducting business with rigged votes, displaying RAMPANT carelessness with our tax dollars and playing in the shadows is nothing short of criminal. At minimum it gives appearance of severe corruption. And in reality there absolutely is corruption running thru City Hall. S'lie is good with words and he's charming and all that good stuff. But the fish rots from the head down. And he's at the center of it all and fosters a pretty blatant regime of secrecy and corruption.


Anonymous said...

Don't bother filing a ethics complaint. The Liberals running MEC don't fine democrats. Now our corrupt city has Bob Bierkbiel hawking the airport. He is another local hog feeding at the city trough. He buys our schools in back room deals for 10 cents on the dollar and makes millions remodeling and selling them for apartments, retail, etc..

Anonymous said...

Sly will get it exactly as he wants it whitey. Bend over, smile and get ready to find out what this is really going to cost you.