And so this hard luck dude given a second chance by a South Kansas City church returned to attack the faith community after they had dismissed him . . .

"According to allegations in the affidavit filed in court to support the charges, THE SUSPECT admitted to stealing money from the church to buy crack cocaine and that he had set the fire and spray-painted the graffiti in an attempt to throw off investigators."

While some Conservatives assign might assign guilt to all progressives over this act of self-hate and desperation . . . Garnering political capital from the misdeeds of an alleged crackhead can't be very satisfying.

You decide . . .

Check the text of the indictment:



KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Tom Larson, Acting United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, announced that a church maintenance worker was charged in federal court today with arson after setting a fire at Concord Cultural Center and spray-painting racist graffiti on the front of the adjoining church, Concord Fortress of Hope, in an effort to cover up his burglary.

Nathaniel D. Nelson, 48, was charged in a criminal complaint filed in the U.S. District Court in Kansas City, Mo. Nelson remains in federal custody pending a detention hearing.

Nelson was a member of the church who was employed as a maintenance worker at the church and cultural center, located at 11040 W. Longview Parkway, Kansas City, Mo. Firefighters were called by a church employee and responded to the cultural center on Sunday morning, Oct. 29, 2017. A fire had occurred in an office inside the building but a sprinkler had activated and extinguished the fire prior to the arrival of firefighters. Investigators concluded that an office chair and other ordinary combustible material had been intentionally ignited using an open flame.

Investigators also discovered racist graffiti spray-painted on the front of the church. A racial slur, the letters “KKK” and a symbol similar to a swastika were visible from the main entrance into the parking lot as members of the congregation arrived for church for Sunday morning services.

The digital video recorder for the video surveillance system that monitored the foyer area and the cultural center’s interior and exterior cameras was unplugged and no longer recording when examined by investigators. Investigators determined that the DVR system lost power sometime after 1 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 29, 2017, and had been intentionally unplugged.

According to an affidavit filed in support of the federal criminal complaint, a review of the DVR system revealed that Nelson was in the foyer area shortly before the DVR system was deactivated. A second DVR, which was still powered on, recorded the video surveillance footage for the interior and exterior cameras located inside and outside of the church, which were separate from the cameras located in the cultural center and foyer. The second DVR, the affidavit says, captured video footage of Nelson spray painting the front of the church. KCPD Deputy Chief Karl Oakman, a member of the church, identified Nelson from the video surveillance footage.

Investigators then interviewed Nelson. According to the affidavit, Nelson told investigators that he went to his office in the cultural center to smoke crack cocaine sometime after 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 28, 2017. At some point after getting high, Nelson said he went into the church office area and attempted to force his way into the finance office to steal money. (The finance office was the only room in the church and cultural center he did not have keyed access.) Nelson wasn’t able to break into the finance room so he proceeded into two adjacent offices using his key and took $140 from one office and $94 from another office. Nelson told investigators that he then left the church to purchase more crack cocaine.

Nelson stated that after he purchased four crack rocks for approximately $125, he returned to the church to get high a second time. After Nelson smoked the crack cocaine in his office, he said, he retrieved a pair of bolt cutters, a wrench and a drill bit and attempted to break into the vending machines located in the gymnasium of the cultural center. Nelson said he was only able to steal $2 from the vending machines.

Nelson told investigators that at some point after breaking into the vending machines he left the church to purchase additional crack cocaine from the same source. Nelson told investigators that after he purchased approximately four additional crack rocks he again returned back to the church to get high. Nelson said he only paid $75 for the additional crack cocaine with the promise that he would provide his source $200 in food stamps at a later time.

During the interview, the affidavit says, Nelson admitted to investigators that he intentionally unplugged one DVR system but did not know that video was being recorded on a separate system inside the church, which captured him spray-painting the outside of the building.

According to the affidavit, Nelson told investigators that he intentionally set a fire inside the office area of the cultural center using clothing and paper towels that he had laid on or next to an office chair. Nelson also told investigators he spray-painted the front of the church with inflammatory graffiti and intentionally set the fire to create a diversion and throw investigators off.
Larson cautioned that the charge contained in this complaint is simply an accusation, and not evidence of guilt.

This case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Bruce Rhoades. It was investigated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Kansas City, Mo., Police Department.


  1. Black on black violence is baaaaaaaaaaad.

    1. Comment Reality Check10/30/17, 4:01 PM

      So, it looks like it was a hate crime.

      The guy "hated" being out of crack.

    2. ^^^ Nice one.

  2. Damn, give them the right to vote and they spray graffiti on churches.

  3. What is the position of the Kansas City Atheist Coalition on this?

    Why have they remained silent?

  4. I can’t wait to see Dumb cunt Hoopz column on this.

  5. ^^^ Don't tempt her.

  6. I thought both Sly and Quinton Lucas made statements about this being a racist act. What’s the deal.? Are they going to admit they were wrong? I won’t hold my breath.

    1. What you didn’t see was that they were standing on the Barack Obama Jump To Conclusions Mat when they made their statements. You can buy them on Amazon. Sly should know given all the time he’s spent lately making all the fake reviews of KC

  7. I called it, just as fake as all the fake MU bullshit.


  8. Black Lies Matter

  9. Its still a racist hate crime trying to set up white people is racist and a hate crime.

  10. What does crackhead Byron gotta say now? Him and quinton Lucas are looking more stupid than ever!!


  11. vandalizing your own church ?-

    copycat knock-off of the old -- 'rabbi painting Swastikas on his own temple to increase donations' scam.

    Oy Vea.

  12. You mean Quinton Lucas, KU Law professor, armed with zero facts, blamed the on racist vandals? On Twitter? That makes Lucas look like a complete fool. And a racist himself. And a shitty fucking lawyer.

  13. What a horrendous hate crime! Not only was the perpetrator a white man, it was a white man in black face.

  14. Your readers called it.

  15. Right off the bat, you knew it was a black guy they spell You ---- U.

  16. I saw him knitting in the corner alone at a white coffee shop.

  17. Mayor Sly James‏ @MayorSlyJames Oct 29

    Mayor Sly James Retweeted KCTV5 News

    This is the very type of cowardly act that is harming our nation, state and city. Come together #kansascity #fightracism and all “isms”!

  18. Go to Quinton's Facebook page and look at all the comments.

  19. 5:11 hit the nail squarely on the head...
    "Its still a racist hate crime trying to set up white people is racist and a hate crime."

    Charge this ass with a hate crime just as it is. He is no doubt a racist, or is this an example of "Black Advantage?"

  20. Neither one of these cowards will admit their let’s jump to conclusion’s first mistake, this could have caused much bigger problems in killa city. The blacks at my work were ready to tear this town apart but thank god the news came out before it was too late. Why did it take 36hrs to reveal this criminal when they knew who it was within hours? Some serious shit could have happened while they were playing with their dicks

  21. Polar Bear = Quinton Lucas

  22. look at black advantage, there was a black racist murderer killing gay dudes and a woman but yet no one has called him that, this is the trifecta of murderers and nothing is being reported anymore about him. This guy won’t have a cross word said about him either only because he’s black. Bow tie the clown and Lucas were ready to throw a white guy in the gas chambe before getting any facts....... who is actually racist in all this???

  23. The TRUTH is in, and a great many TKC readers nailed it from Minute One.

    How could they be so accurate in the face of a contrary position taken by the media, the Mayor, and a Councilman? Easy! These readers are realists, who've been through this type of race-baiting scam too many times.

    They know that most media talking-heads are hollow-headed bobble figurines, media station managers like KMBC's Sarah Smith are purveyors of status quo propaganda, and most writers for The Falling Star are liberal Democrat apologists living in an echo chamber.

    Mayor James and Councilman Lucas quickly played the race card, because that's their knee-jerk reaction. Remember that Mayor James spent so much time with his own family that he was estranged for years from his oldest son, and his youngest was featured on KC's Most Wanted. Personal ambition and narcissism won out over a strong father/son relationship.

  24. So the early sceptics nailed it and now the Racists of every color feel like dipshits, right? No wonder they're mad about this, their attacks on the sceptics ended in them showing their asses!

    Embarrassing to be shown to the world as wrong, isn't it? Maybe they'll pause to think before leading with whichever "Race Card" they happen to have handy. Probably not though, it's easier to just fall back into a set of comfortable presumptions and wrap yourself in a warm, soft, fuzzy "Victim" towel.

    As far as problems, not going to happen, It's gotten to be too cold for Reverend O'DeMoment to get his handy "Rent-A-Mob" out to demonstrate and march, and without them for cover there's nobody willing to smash windows to steal Flat Screens and Jordans.

  25. Huh..., I hardly called that at all, 6 seconds after Tony posted it.

  26. In a phone call from the Miami herald quinton Lucas said this.

    “It’s heartbreaking,” Lucas said. “It’s a little disappointing to see something liked that in 2017. Folks should be able to come and worship without that sort of concern.”

    Lucas said Pastor Ronald Lindsay said it well during the service when he told church members that they were not letting something negative define them.

    “It ended up being an absolutely beautiful service,” Lucas said. “It reminded us how God exists in chaos and how we will basically continue on with the mission of the church.”

    There have been many such incidents at black churches around America lately, Lucas said.

    “I’m disappointed to see something like this in Kansas City,” he said.

    But yet you’ll define white people in a negative way, you and sLIE didn’t miss a beat did you

    1. Pastor Lindsay, huh? He is in that TV ad that just aired during the Chiefs' game in the third quarter. He's plugging for the single-terminal airport with only blacks in the ad, one of which is BowTie S'lie. Where's the white people?

    2. thats a binge smoking negro

  27. I wonder what Marcus petersucker has to say about this?

  28. TKC Readers sure nailed this one as they do many stories like this.

  29. Quinton got his pastor a part in an airport commercial with no whites huh, that’s interesting, starting to see a pattern with these all black commercials. What’s with shutting out all the taxpaying whiteys all of a sudden considering blacks don’t contribute much in taxes. No racist tendencies here nope, none at all

  30. Typical KILLA city funj

  31. Byron Funkhouser10/30/17, 10:37 PM

    So, I was wrong?

    There are no racists in Kansas City?

    Yeah, right.

    Your constant refrain is pathetic. "Black people are the real racists." "White people are discriminated against more than any other race." "White genocide is not being reported by the MSM." When black people are less than nice to you, do you really wonder why?

    What fucking bullshit.

    Chuckles, NaziDave & Gay Back, & most of you "men" are racist, white supremacist fascists. You voted for Der Fuhrer because you saw in him a fellow traveler.

    His pathetic, doomed presidency is the last gasp of the self-entitled old, white man.


    This young man took advantage of the racial hatred he sees every day, in an attempt to deflect. The historical context is that black churches were bombed by stupid, self-entitled white men killing innocent children. This young man's actions does not negate any of that, nor absolve any of you of your many comments of racial hatred.

    But, pat yourself on the back, & congratulate yourself that this time it wasn't a white man being hateful.

  32. ^^^^^^^Fuck You ya jack off
    You're wrong and you're always wrong. BTW how the fuck do you know who anyone voted for. You and that prick MoRage are two extreme losers.

  33. Byron....= The reason Trump won and is still kicking ass!

  34. Golly, Tony!!! We decided this Sunday!!!

    Anonymous 10/29/17, 8:55 AM
    Obviously, has been done by some black person who can not spell YOU.

    Anonymous 10/29/17, 8:59 AM
    Most definitely a hoax.

    Anonymous 10/29/17, 12:47 PM
    This is the kind of thing black racist antagonists do.

    Anonymous 10/29/17, 8:36 PM
    This shit almost always ends up being a hoax.

    But you always have your head in the sand as to the noble negro.

  35. Race baiting fuck jiggaboos

  36. Byron is a typical wigger



  38. Isn't it funny how black people will blame a white person even when it's a black person who is the culprit? But they will praise and fall for Hillary Clinton who says Robert Byrd the Grand Dragon of the KKK is her mentor, and LBJ who said Quote: I'll get those nigger's vote. I get such a kick out of how stupid they are, they fall for anything!

  39. Der Funkhouser has issued the acceptable version of this story. Fall in line, or his Antifa Brownshirts will beat the shit out of you. Seig Heil!

  40. Where are all those dumb dip shits who were in here castigating folks for predicting this was a black orchestrated crime????? HUH??????????


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