Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Like it or not, the new airport cannot be defeated without help from the 3rd District and East Side voters.

Accordingly, an upcoming conversation about the new airport is exceptionally important and fact about lackluster minority participation in most city projects are slated for discussion . . .

A few items and open questions worthy of mention:

The New KCI Terminal Will Infuse $975 Million Into The City

An analysis of the current plan based upon cost allocations provided in the 2015 impact study indicate Minority Contracting to be less than 19% for the KCI Airport Terminal project.

The New KCI Terminal Will Create Thousands Of Jobs

But to date, no agreement has been made on minority workforce goals for the Airport

The New KCI Terminal Should Create Millions Of Dollars Of Contracting Opportunities For Minority Businesses

Yet no agreement is in place for minority participation on the Airport Terminal Project. The current commitment is below FY 2016 achievement levels in construction and other services.

Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate Has Been Selected To NEGOTIATE A DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT FOR The New KCI Airport Terminal

The Council has yet to reach agreement with Edgemoor on a Memorandum of Understanding, including eleven Community Benefit Agreement (CBA) measures.

Check more info in the flyer regarding the upcoming talk.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

City Hall LITERALLY selling pie in the sky.

Anonymous said...

What minority workforce? they make more money drawing welfare and they can party all night long baby!!!

JoCoPost said...

So, to sume it up: lies, lies and more lies.
There are not even 35% possible black contractors available, if the city promises to give that preposterous amount of jobs to black contractors.
And that's assuming they are qualified, trained workers. Which they are not, since that level of participation has never ever happened in KCMO.Freedom Inc. knows this. It's a big tease. Why not 80%? 100%? An airport built entirely with black workers who were bought off in the rigged election?

This is why Freedom will take what was offered, eg $65 grand, and then mysteriously underdeliver, knowing it's like King George singing in Hamilton, "You'll Be back, Wait and See..."

Which they will, of course. This is the absolute worst designed plan, at the last minute, having shivved the first contractor, Burns & Mac, and now poor Edgemoor comes in with some photoshopped rendering, a virtual copy of Burns and Mac, minus the seating for the 1500 smelly passengers crowded into the end of a cul de sac boarding area for Southwest.

Jesus, people. This is NOT an improvement. Have you been to any of the new airports? They are horrible.
Fix the bathrooms at Southwest, or hell, bring in Deffenbaugh portapotties for the will NOt cost $500 million, like Sly claims.

Thsi airport plan is as stupid as the Iraq nuclear standoff treaty. We all know it, and are sucking the stupid gas if we vote for it. Just.Vote.No. They will be forced to come back with something better.

duh, these are just temp jobs. Not careers. Should not have to even explain thos. Again, a big lie that the new KCI would create jobs. No.It.Won't. We all know this. It's a payoff. And then back to welfare.

The new 8 1/2 x 11 inch Big Postcard with Lame Duck Clown Mayor promises a new KCI will attract new businesses to permanently move to KCMO. Preposterous lie. We all know this. Give me one example of any business that came to KC when we built the last airport!

Freedom isn't stupid. They will take the money. We all understand. And then make excuses when it fails, which it will.

I look forward to meeting Fri am at Centurions/Chamber to hear the Dallas cowboy campaign manager, the (new Glorioso?!) explain his big ass strategy for the last two weeks. A million bucks to spend, and no way to change opinions, because the voting public smells this stinking pig of a proposal.

Strategy for the No crowd:
Lie to any phone pollers: pretend you are a yes.
Make a big sign in your yard.
Get three neighbors to ride with you to the polls.
Vote No on Nov. 7.

Anonymous said...

Minority Contracts = Race-Hustling Extortion.

Anonymous said...

From KC north, voted NO as an absentee.

Anonymous said...

Even if they do have a Memorandum of Understanding, there’s no legal requirement that says they have to meet to satisfy the terms of the Memorandum. This was an issue that was prominent on the East Patrol project. As a result, you have buildings that look terrible on a sea of unused land surrounding by surface parking. It’s a little too late to talk about this stuff since we’re in the midnight hour on the airport project. That’s a tradition in East Kansas City. Show up late, make the loudest noise and then scream racism. Rinse and repeat.

Anonymous said...

Our Divided City

Begin at the 46:00 mark for this discussion.

Patrick Tuohey: Almost entirely, these subsidies take place in the wealthier parts of town. The East-side, the lower-income parts of town that legitimately need and have claim to these subsidies, don't get them at all.

KCMO 2010-2014
West of Troost tax incentives given = $92.1 M
East of Troost tax incentives given = $6.2 M

Patrick Tuohey: It artificially lowers the price of building downtown. The places that otherwise would be attractive to developers are ignored.

Sly James: I spend a lot of time talking to developers, and I spend a lot of time talking to developers about trying to get them to build East of Troost. If they don't want to do it, you can incentivize them all day long. What they look at is, how do I get a return on investment? Sometimes it's difficult to work East of Troost. There's this patina of hostility, and demand that the only people who are able to do things are African-Americans. That limits your pool of people, right there.

Anonymous said...

Inner city fixed income elderly vote but do use airports. One trip over a cracked sidewalk or a pot hole created by water control will reinforce this conviction. Airport fails by a 70/30.

Anonymous said...

KCMO is as crooked as HILLARY. The Airport will win. Sly will go to prison like Kawame Killpatrick. Any bets?????

Anonymous said...

Thanks for trying Tracy.
Remember the Building Trades will pour in money and push their members to vote yes.

Their Motto: "Our Kingdom for One Yard of Union Poured Concrete".

Anonymous said...

Frank White can put the STOP on this airport by mailing out the property tax bills NOW! When people see what the GO bond did to their property tax, realize that the Hotel is going to cost them $200,000,000 in city services, and now the airport, it's over!