Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Follow-up and great up-close and personal detail of this ongoing struggle for survival . . . Even worse, all of the Kansas City metro could soon be exposed to the same kind of risks suffered by 15k former employees, members of the machinist and aerospace angineers and their non union subcontractors.

"Because of the top secret nature of their work, these employees were kept unaware of hazardous chemical exposure. As a result, safety measures were unavailable during the Cold War . . . Gov. Greitens has signed a bill for demolition to expose several hundred thousand Kansas Citians to (these) toxic chemicals and dust without providing public medical screenings or single payer medical system for their future illness."

Take a look at the local public conversation:

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Anonymous said...

Let's not forget about the risks to the workers who are actually conducting the demolition. Going to be a financial nightmare for Missouri for years to come.

KC JD said...

^^^ This is why Jesus invented to worker release contract.

Anonymous said...

Several places in NKC too like the old Cook Paint plant, now under foreign ownership.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't just Pancreatic Cancer. There have been many cases of Brain cancer is several departments. While the company claimed it "cares" about worker safety and health, the company kept workers that were positive for beryllium sensitivity and refused to move them to other areas, violating the companies own "standards".

There were spills that exposed workers to unknown hazards, yet the company claimed there was nothing hazardous to the workers. Many of those same chemical cleanup workers contracted cancers and have passed, yet the company claims, no wrong doing on their part (from the company).

When that complex is taken down, there will be more hazards in the air that we all breathe, not just concrete dust. We will all be exposed to many toxic substances and if anyone has respiratory issues now just wait until the building comes down.

Anonymous said...

DOD and DOE says the plebians are too stupid to understand and anything that happened there is on a need to know basis.

Wave your flag with your hand on your heart
God Bless the Military.

They can do NO Wrong

Anonymous said...

There's 175 pages of cancer causing chemicals at the Bannister Federal Complex.