Whilst a few people are still commemorating the controversial legacy of Columbus Day . . . Kansas City recently introduced a far more progressive celebration.

To wit . . .


A description of the day from the world's most accurate encyclopedia:

Indigenous Peoples' Day is a holiday that celebrates the Indigenous peoples of North America. It is celebrated in various localities in the United States. It began as a counter-celebration to Columbus Day, promoting Native American culture and commemorating the history of Native American people.

Even more interestingly . . .


TKC highlighted to help . . .


WHEREAS, Christopher Columbus, a man who is known to have "discovered" the Americas, came upon land that was already inhabited by Indigenous Peoples; and

WHEREAS, Columbus' voyage to the Americas opened the door to crimes, including but not limited to the introduction of transatlantic slavery and genocidal acts against Indigenous People; and

WHEREAS, the Indigenous People were promised security and protection, though were forcibly relocated and their land seized to allow for European settlements; and

WHEREAS, the City of Kansas City and current day Jackson County was historically inhabited by the American Indian people; and

WHEREAS, the City of Kansas City recognizes and acknowledges the significant contributions made in our community by Indigenous People and commits to ensure greater access and opportunity for continued contribution; and

WHEREAS, the City of Kansas City has the opportunity and means to cultivate a community that honors and respects the diverse history of our community; and

WHEREAS, the idea of Indigenous Peoples' Day was first proposed in 1977 by a delegation of Native Nations to the United Nations; and

WHEREAS, this day should be recognized for the original inhabitants of the Americas - Indigenous People; NOW, THEREFORE,


That the Mayor and Council hereby declare Monday, October 9, 2017, as an Indigenous Peoples' Day in the City . . . 

Still, there's not a lot of guidance on how to celebrate this holiday.

One year later the protests at Standing Rock still aren't complete and the Missouri River remains under threat.

And yeah, we're still having that somewhat ironic debate over immigration that kinda ignores history, economics, free trade and a great many "Conservative" principles.

Just a bit of further reading to be fair or unfair to everybody who deserves it . . .

No, you are not part Cherokee. And neither is Elizabeth Warren.

Italians decry plans to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day in L.A. and other areas

Debating a Holiday

And so, maybe talking sports and our undefeated home team will help us all find some common ground.

Or maybe not . . .

As for TKC, here's hoping that we can celebrate the holiday with fire water, fry bread and maybe "counting coup" with a consenting buffalo plus-size hottie.

You decide . . .


  1. Better question: Are we erasing America's history in favor of political correctness?

    1. Chief Mojo Risin10/9/17, 6:10 AM

      I always wondered why a lot of Kansas City Native American people prefer to be called Indian even when the name is incorrect.

    2. Or we can all take our chances and do some gambling in Wyandotte to help the real Native still in the KC area!

  2. TOTAL PC B.S. Glad that the real news didn't report this, KC has a Columbus Park, I guess The Star wants to rename that too. Here in the Northeast we also have a proud tradition of people who helped build this community and don't just complain about holidays and protest.

  3. The hoodrats in this town have caused more death & destruction than Columbus ever did. The left just refuses to admit it.

    1. ^^Really genius? Smallpox, genocide, the Bible? I don't think so. Nice try though.

  4. Me, I am sick of the cultural appropriation of my WHITE EUROPEAN culture by the "Protected Classes".

    End the use of the following inventions by ANY members of the "Protected Class". It's ours, we invented it. I promise, to NEVAR put my hair into corn rows and as much as I like Mexican food, I will swear off of it.

    BUT..It's worth it, to see these fuckin whining cry babies go back to living under trees and foraging for road kill.


    Do you like internal combustion engines?

    Thank a few white men. (Jean Lenoir, Nikolaus Otto, Karl Benz, Rudolf Diesel, Gottlieb Daimler, Emil Jellinek, Henry Ford among others.)

    Are you a fan of flush toilets and indoor plumbing?

    Thank white males Alexander Cumming, Thomas Twyford, and Isaiah Rogers

    Toilet paper?

    Thank Joseph Gayetty, W.M.

    How about washing machines and dryers?

    Thank white males Alva Fisher and J. Ross Moore.

    “When you’ve got your health, you’ve got just about everything” ran the tag-line in a famous Geritol commercial from the 1970s, and the guys we most have reason to be grateful for are undoubtedly those who’ve developed the medical practices and the drugs and devices that have transformed our lives over the past hundred fifty years.

    Before the turkey gets carved, it’s worth taking a moment to remember a few of these brilliant, persistent, and lucky men, and recall their accomplishments. Even when they’ve won Nobel Prizes in Medicine, their names are virtually unknown. They’re not mentioned in the Core Curriculum or celebrated by Google on their birthdays.


    If you ever had surgery, did you opt for anesthesia?

    If so, thank a few more white males, beginning with William Clarke in New York and Crawford Long in Georgia who both used chloroform in minor surgeries in 1842. A paper published four years later by William Morton, after his own work in Boston, spread the word. Ether replaced chloroform during the next decade. There are now scores of general and regional anesthetics and sedatives and muscle relaxants, administered in tandem. The first local anesthetic has also been superseded. It was cocaine, pioneered by a Viennese ophthalmologist, Carl Koller, in 1884.

    Ever take an analgesic?

    Next time you pop an aspirin, remember Felix Hoffmann of Bayer. In 1897, he converted salicylic acid to acetylsalicylic acid, much easier on the stomach. Aspirin remains the most popular and arguably the most effective drug on the market. In 1948 two New York biochemists, Bernard Brodie and Julius Axelrod, documented the effect that acetaminophen (Tylenol), synthesized by Harmon Morse in 1878, had on pain and fever. Gastroenterologist James Roth persuaded McNeil Labs to market the analgesic in 1953.

    Infectious Diseases

    Most Americans today die of heart disease or cancer, but before the twentieth century, it was infectious diseases that struck people down, and children were the primary victims. In pre-industrial England, still with the most developed economy in the world in the late 17th century, 50% of all children didn’t survive the age of 15. With the phenomenal growth of cities during the 19th century, cholera, typhoid fever, and tuberculosis became the leading killers.

    In 1854, a London medical inspector, John Snow, proved that a cholera epidemic in Soho was caused by infected sewage seeping into the water supply. Until then it was thought the disease spread through the air. The sanitary disposal of sewage and the provision of clean water, possible thanks to mostly anonymous metallurgists and engineers -- an exception is the famous Thomas Crapper, who pioneered the u-shaped trap and improved, though he didn’t invent, the flush toilet -- has saved more lives than any drug or surgical innovation.

    1. Fuck you, you talk too much. Even though you are correct, fuck you, Chuck

  5. Dramatic improvements in food supply have also had an incalculable effect on health. Agricultural innovations, beginning with those introduced in England in the 18th century, were disseminated globally by the end of the 20th century -- the “Green Revolution.” Famines struck Europe as recently as the late 1860s. (The man-made famines of the 20th century are another story.) A transportation revolution made possible the provision of more than sufficient protein, calories, and nutrients worldwide. Needless to say, it was white males who designed and built the roads, canals, railroads, and ports and airports, and the ships, trains, planes, and trucks that used them, and the mines, and then wells, pipelines, and tankers that supplied the fuel they ran on.

    Whatever the merits of taking vitamins and supplements today, no one has to take vitamin C to prevent scurvy, or vitamin B to prevent pellagra, or vitamin D and calcium to prevent rickets. And, for the time being, we all live in a post-Malthusian world. The global population was about 800 million to 1 billion when the gloomy parson wrote his famous book in 1798. It’s now over 7 billion.


    Dr. Snow had no idea what was actually causing cholera. It was Louis Pasteur who gave the world the germ theory of disease, as every schoolchild once knew. Studying the fermentation of wine, he concluded that this was caused by the metabolic activity of microorganisms, as was the souring of milk. The critters were responsible for disease, too, he recognized, and identified three killer bacteria: staphylococcus, streptococcus, and pneumococcus. Nasty microorganisms could be killed or rendered harmless by heat and oxygenation, Pasteur discovered, and would then prevent the disease in those who were inoculated. He went on to develop vaccines for chicken cholera, anthrax, and rabies. Edward Jenner had demonstrated in in the late 1790s that the dreaded smallpox could be prevented by injecting patients with material from the pustules of cowpox victims, a much milder disease. (The word vaccine comes from vaca, one of the Latin words for cow.) Pasteur, however, was the first to immunize patients by modifying bacteria rather than through cross-vaccination.

    A parade of vaccines followed. People in their mid-60s and older can remember two of the most famous: the Salk and Sabin vaccines against poliomyelitis, a paralyzing disease that had panicked American parents in the late ‘40s and early ‘50s. Children preferred Albert Sabin’s 1962 version: the attenuated virus was administered on a sugar cube. Jonas Salk’s inactivated vaccine, available in 1955, was injected.

    1. Are you paid by the word? Fuck you

  6. In 1847, more than a decade before Pasteur disclosed his germ theory, the Viennese obstetrician Ignaz Semmelweis documented the effectiveness of hand washing with chlorinated water before entering a maternity ward. He brought mortality rates from puerperal fever down from 8% to 1.3%. Two decades later, having read a paper by Pasteur, Joseph Lister demonstrated the effectiveness of carbolic acid to sterilize wounds and surgical instruments. Mortality rates fell from around 50% to about 15%. The efforts of both men, especially Semmelweis, were met with ridicule and disdain.

    Pasteur’s German rivals Robert Koch and Paul Ehrlich made monumental contributions to biochemistry, bacteriology, and hematology, but left the world no “magic bullet” (Ehrlich’s term). Koch identified the organism causing tuberculosis, the leading killer of the 19th century, but his attempts at finding a vaccine failed. His purified protein derivative from the bacteria, tuberculin, could be used to diagnose the disease, however. It was two French researchers, Albert Calmette and Camille Guerin, who developed a successful vaccine, first administered in 1921, though it was not widely used until after World War II.

    Ehrlich joined the search for antibacterial drugs that were not denatured bacteria or viruses. He synthesized neoarsphenamine (Neo-Salvarsan), effective against syphilis, a scourge since the late15th century, but which had toxic side effects. It was not until the 1930s that first generation of antibiotics appeared. These were the sulfa drugs, derived from dyes with sulfa-nitrogen chains. The first was a red dye synthesized by Joseph Klarer and Fritz Mietzsch. In 1935, Gerhard Domagk at I. G. Farben demonstrated its effectiveness in cases of blood poisoning.

    The anti-bacterial properties of Penicillium had already been discovered a

    1. Please shut the fuck up. Fuck you

  7. The anti-bacterial properties of Penicillium had already been discovered at this point by Alexander Fleming. The Scottish bacteriologist had famously left a window open in his lab when he went on vacation in 1928, and returned to find that a mold had destroyed the staphylococcus colony in one of his petri dishes. But it’s one thing to make a fortuitous discovery and another thing to cultivate and purify a promising organic compound and conduct persuasive trials. This was not done until 1941. Thank Oxford biochemists Howard Florey and Ernst Chain. A Pfizer chemist, Joseph Kane, figured out how to mass-produce penicillin and by 1943 it was available to American troops. The wonder drug of the 20th century, penicillin killed the Gram-positive bacteria that caused meningitis, diphtheria, rheumatic fever, tonsillitis, syphilis, and gonorrhea. New generations of antibiotics followed, as bacteria rapidly developed resistance: among them, streptomycin in 1943 (thank Selman Waksman), tetracycline in 1955 (thank Lloyd Conover), and, the most widely prescribed today, amoxicillin.

    Diagnostic technologies

    Microscope: While the Delft draper Antonie van Leeuwenhoek didn’t invent the compound microscope, he improved it, beginning in the 1660s, increasing the curvature of the lenses, and so became the first person to see and describe blood corpuscles, bacteria, protozoa, and sperm.

    Electron microscope: Physicist Ernst Ruska and electrical engineer Max Kroll constructed the prototype in Berlin in 1933, using a lens by Hans Busch. Eventually, electron microscopes would be designed with two-million power magnification. Leeuwenhoek’s had about two hundred.

    Stethoscope: Thank the French physician René Laennec, who introduced what he called a microphone in 1816. British nephrologist Golding Bird substituted a flexible tube for Laennec’s wooden cylinder in 1840, and the Irish physician Arthur Leared added a second earpiece in 1851. Notable improvements were made by Americans Howard Sprague, a cardiologist, and electrical engineer Maurice Rappaport in the 1960s (a double-sided head), and Harvard cardiologist David Littmann in the same decade (enhancing the acoustics). The device undoubtedly transformed medicine, and with good reason became the symbol of the health care professional.

    Sphygmograph: The first machine to measure blood pressure was created by a German physiologist, Karl von Vierordt in 1854.

  8. X-rays: Discovered by Karl Wilhelm Röntgen, at Wurzberg in 1895, this was probably the single most important diagnostic breakthrough in medical history. Before Röntgen noticed that cathode rays, electrons emitted from a cathode tube, traveled through objects and created images on a fluorescent screen, physicians could only listen, palpitate, examine stools, and drink urine.

    PET scans: James Robertson designed the first machine in 1961, based on the work of number of American men at Penn, Wash U., and Mass General, designed the first machine. The scanner provides an image from the positron emissions coming from a radioactive isotope injected into the patient, and is particularly useful for mapping activity in the brain.

    CAT scans: The first model was developed by electrical engineer Godfrey Hounsfield, in London, 1972, drawing on the work of South African physicist Alan Cormack in the mid-1960s. It generates three-dimensional and cross-sectional images using computers and gamma rays.

    MRI: Raymond Damadian, a SUNY professor of medicine with a degree in math, performed the first full-body scan 1977. His design was anticipated by theoretical work by Felix Bloch and Edward Purcell in the 1930s, and, later, Paul Lauterbur. MRIs map the radio waves given off by hydrogen atoms exposed to energy from magnets, and are particularly useful in imaging tissue -- and without exposing the patient to ionizing radiation.

    Ultrasound: Ian Donald, a Glasgow obstetrician, in the mid-1950s adopted a device already used in industry that generated inaudible, high frequency sound waves. The machine quickly and cheaply displays images of soft tissue, and now provides most American parents with the first photo of their baby.

  9. Empty pandering and grandstanding never goes out of style for the gang of clowns at 12th and Oak.
    Global warming.
    Gun restrictions.
    Minimum wage demands.
    An endless list of issues and causes over which these folks have absolutely no ability to affect in any way.
    Horrendous homicide rate?
    Crappy street maintenance?
    Soaring utility bills?
    Not so much.
    KCMO could really use a city government.

  10. Endoscopes: Georg Wolf produced the first flexible gastroscope in Berlin in 1911, and this was improved by Karl Storz in the late ‘40s. The first fiber optic endoscope was introduced in 1957 by Basil Hirschowitz, a South African gastroenterologist, drawing on the work of British physicist Harold Hopkins. The scope is indispensible in diagnosing GI abnormalities.

    Angiogram: Werner Forssmann performed the first cardiac catherisation -- on himself -- in Eberswald in 1929. He inserted a catheter into his lower left arm, walked downstairs to a fluoroscope, threaded the catheter to his right atrium and injected a radioptic dye. The technique was further developed by Dickson Richards and André Courmand at Columbia in the ‘40s, and then extended to coronary arteries, initially accidentally, by Frank Sones at the Cleveland Clinic in 1958.

    X-rays and scopes were quickly used in treatment as well diagnosis. Roentgen himself used his machines to burn off warts. Similarly, in 1964, Charles Dotter and Marvin Judkins used a catheter to open a blocked artery, improving the technique in 1967. Andreas Gruentzig then introduced balloon angioplasty in 1975, an inflated balloon opening the narrowed or blocked artery. In 1986, Jacques Puel implanted the first coronary stent at U. of Toulouse, and soon afterwards a Swiss cardiologist, Ulrich Sigwart, developed the first drug-eluding stent.


    The men who developed five of the most dramatically effective and widely used drugs in internal medicine deserve mention.

    In the late ‘30s, two Mayo Clinic biochemists hoping to cure rheumatoid arthritis, Philip Hench and Edward Kendall, isolated four steroids extracted from the cortex of the adrenal gland atop the kidneys. The fourth, “E,” was very difficult to synthesize, but Merck chemist Lewis Sarrett succeeded, and in 1948, the hormone was injected into fourteen patients crippled by arthritis. Cortisone relieved the symptoms. Mass produced, with much difficulty, by Upjohn chemists in 1952, it was refined by their rivals at Schering three years later into a compound five times as strong, prednisone. In addition to arthritis, corticosteroids are used in the treatment of other inflammatory diseases, like colitis and Crohn’s, and in dermatitis, asthma, hepatitis, and lupus.

  11. Anyone over fifty can remember peptic ulcers, extremely painful lesions on the stomach wall or duodenum. They were thought to be brought on by stress. “You’re giving me an ulcer!” was a common expression. Women were especially affected, and a bland diet was the only treatment, other than surgery. The lesions were caused by gastric acid, and two British pharmacologists and a biochemist, George Paget, James Black, and William Duncan, investigated compounds that would block the stomach’s histamine receptors, reducing the secretion of acid. There were endless difficulties. Over 200 compounds were synthesized, and the most promising, metiamide, proved toxic. Tweaking the molecule, replacing a sulfur atom with two nitrogen atoms, yielded cimetidine in 1976. As Tagamet, it revolutionized gastroenterology. It was also the first drug to generate over $1 billion in annual sales. Its successors, the proton pump inhibitors Prilosec and its near-twin Nexium, more than doubling the acid reduction, have also been blockbuster drugs.

    Cimetidine was the culmination of one line of research that began in 1910, when a London physiologist, Henry Dale, isolated a uterine stimulant he called “histamine.” Unfortunately, when it was given to patients, it caused something like anaphylactic shock. The search began for an “antagonist” that would block its production, even before it was recognized as the culprit in hay fever (allergic rhinitis). The most successful antagonist was one was developed in 1943 by a young chemist in Cincinnati, Geroge Rieveschl, diphenhydramine, marketed as Benadryl. Ten to thirty percent of the world’s population suffers from seasonal allergies, so this was hailed as miracle drug. In the early ‘80s a second generation of antihistamines appeared that didn’t cross the brain-blood barrier and thus didn’t sedate the user. Loratadine (Claritin), the first, was generating over $2 billion in annual sales before it went generic.

  12. Diabetes, resulting in high blood glucose levels (hyperglycemia), has been known for two millennia. It was a deadly disease, type 1 rapidly fatal, type 2, adult onset, debilitating and eventually lethal. By the end of the 19th century, the Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas had been identified as the source of a substance that prevented it, insulin, but this turned out to be a fragile peptide hormone, broken down by an enzyme in the pancreas during attempts to extract it. In 1921, Canadian surgeon Frederick Banting and medical student Charles Best determined a way to disable the production of the enzyme, trypsin. Injected in a teenager with type 1 diabetes, insulin was immediately effective. There is still no cure for diabetes, but today the 380 million sufferers globally can live normal lives thanks to Banting and Best.

    Finally, millions of men and their wives and girlfriends owe a big debt to British chemists Peter Dunn and Albert Wood, and Americans Andrew Bell, David Brown, and Nicholas Terrett. They developed sildenafil, intended to treat angina. It works by suppressing an enzyme that degrades a molecule that relaxes smooth muscle tissue, increasing blood flow. Ian Osterloh, running the clinical trials for Pfizer, observed that the drug induced erections, and it was marketed for ED. Viagra made the cover of Time Magazine after it was approved in March 1998. The blue pill still generates about $2 billion annually in sales, despite competition, and is prescribed for 11 million men.

  13. The list goes on and on and on

    They are exceptions. Our benefactors have not only been overwhelmingly European males, but are mostly from England and Scotland, Germany, France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, as well as Americans and Canadians whose families emigrated from those countries.

    Biting the hand that feeds is a core principle of Leftists. For 150 years, they’ve sought to concentrate power in their own hands by exploiting the resentment of ignorant people against a system that has finally enabled mankind to spring the Malthusian trap.

    Multiculturalism, with its simple-minded relativism, has broadened the scope of the party line. Not only shadowy “capitalists” are vilified, but whites and males. Ignorant people can now think well of themselves by opposing “racism” and “the patriarchy” -- and by voting for an unqualified and deceptive poseur because, though a male, he is not white.

    The first step parents can take to help spare America from being “fundamentally transformed” is to insist that history be properly taught. This means, among other things, recognizing the accomplishments of a few men who’ve found cures for or relieved the symptoms of diseases that have killed and tortured humans for millennia.

    1. Chuck you should find the guy who discovered mental illness and have him cure you.

  14. Isn't the Kansas City Municipal Court closed today?

    If so, isn't that racist?

  15. ^^^^I'm not sure about the municipal court, but Columbus Day is not a holiday in Kansas City. Garbage pickup is on the regular schedule.

    BTW, isn't it great how our city council can solve 500-plus year-old problems but can't repair streets, curbs, or sidewalks?


  16. The so called native Americans are NOT native to this country they came from other places, not to mention they were killing each other.

    There was a war and the Indians lost, not my fault, not my problem!

  17. Chuck you better be careful too much copying and pasting isn't good for you.

  18. Fuck slie and the city councils worthless gestures, do street repairs and sewer maintenance instead of grandstanding over stupid shit

  19. The only place to which homo sapiens are indigenous is Africa. I watched a lecture by William Least Heat Moon on C-Span recently. He remarked that he and all the "full bloods" he knows refer to themselves as Indians, and do not like being called either Native Americans or Indigenous Peoples. Another example of guilt ridden white liberals doing more harm than good.

  20. Hail Chuck...Long live Chuck
    Chuck did not copy and paste. He is a beacon to anglo saxon americans if they could only understand and start fighting for our culture and civilization, freedom and democracy. We are forfeiting our grandchildren's heritage and well being by inattention and political fuckin correctness.

    I believe not a single white person in the last 100 years in American has owned a slave or killed a native American for his land.

    This is a culture war declared on white America and you whites just don't have a clue and won't try to see what is happening.

    Twowonoh: Indian Spirit that is calling pale faces to wake up.

  21. Doing all this with the Martin Luther King holiday would be incredibly more appropriate, but you wont find a pussy libtard with the nads to go there.


    Nina stands watch for that troublemaking Puta, Santa Maria!!!

  23. Orphan of the Road10/9/17, 9:47 AM

    This Nation was built on stolen land and genocide.

    Columbus is Pop Culture like most of the bad history in white, Christian brains.

    The Yancy lie about the Cherokee princess who their great-great grandfather married. Never great great grandmother married a brave.

    The Yancy picks the one tribe with an extensive written history.

    Custer died for your sins.

  24. Read Clifton's. "The Invented Indian".

    I love the way Hollywood, the MSM and Progressives want us to believe that we could all be "Dancing With Wolves", living free on the plains and take on that much vaunted "Noble Savage" aura in our daily lives.

    Total bullshit.

    Native Americans were at war constantly, slavery was part and parcel of everyday life and life itself, was, as Hobbes has said, was, "Short, brutish and dull".

    If you think living life under the rule of the fuckin Comanche would be wonderful, then move to a city still held by ISIS. They were total badasses and killed everything that moved.

    By the way, if this is such a great holiday, then we should export it to Mexico and all the Mexicans can move back to Spain and Portugal, cause the Mayans, Incas and Aztecs got fucked way harder than Native Americans and STILL get to run from the Mexican government.

  25. it was eve's fault.

  26. Maybe I am the only real Indian here. I have no problem with that wop Columbus. He has been dead for Centuries. I am a bona fide card carrying Cherokee. I went to school in KCK, graduated from Wyandotte & KU. I have also lived in New Mexico & seen the grinding poverty of the Navajos & other tribes on the reservations, the kind of poverty the clowns in KC can't begin to imagine. The Oklahoma Cherokees were recently forced by the fed gov to take in thousands of black slave descendents, none of which have any Indian blood, as full tribal members, even though the vast majority of Cherokees do not want the free loaders sucking up scarce tribal resources. The black fed gov reps still use a heavy hand on tribes whenever convenient to force tribes into "agreements" they do not want. Wear your warbonnents to Chief's games & tomahawk chop, I enjoy the spectacle & hope the American Indian is not erased by the "politically correct" asshats who have done so well exterminating the American Indian. My relatives have fought in every major war here since the Europeans landed, against the Americans and with the Americans, and have earned the blood right to be here after the smoke cleared.

  27. Vote Bernie 202010/9/17, 10:23 AM

    Could we put Chuck on some kind of watch list? He seems very old and very, very angry.

    Somebody forgot to tell him that white people won and he has to stop pretending to be a victim when he is actually just a loser.

    1. Ha! That's funny right there! It's funny cause it's true!

  28. The Indians were wiped-out because they made war with the Whites. The Whites were more cunning and more numerous.--Kurt Vonnegut Happy Columbus Day !!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Humble Dude

    Thanks for your service and the service of those relatives in your family who fought.

    Great post.

    God bless...

  30. When I hear Indian I think feather or dot. As Tonto said to the Lone Ranger when they were surrounded by feather Indians: "What you mean WE white man? You're on your own."

  31. but , they got free blankets ..........

  32. Do y'all cry for confederates that lost a war,, it was warfare, Indians got blown away, but it's a useful anti white America narrative so let's run with it.

  33. 10L57---Whatever you say Two Dogs Fucking.

  34. The Commie Left would denigrate the Founding Fathers of America and having diminished Washington, Jefferson, Madison, et al, will proclaim that the U.S. Constitution they gave us was a flawed document and must be amended and changed to eliminate free speech and freedom to assemble; among other freedoms provided in the Bill of Rights.

    Having removed all freedoms, tyrants like Sly James will rule over us and we will become like Cuba and Venezuela. Mary Sanchez and Kraske would consider this a good thing.


  36. US Native Americans don't want these democrats to running nothing.

  37. Somebody mention CONFEDERATES! Fuck, I'm in.
    Two Dogs Fucking now that's good.

    1. ^^^Hey Gay back-"two dogs fucking" Isn't that how you were born?

  38. It's ya"ll, Two Dogs Fucking.

  39. Yes, Gray Back, @ 11:04 sure showed him! He didn't really have anything to say, or any arguments to make, but he used the punch line of an old joke to show us just how clever he is, and to allow us to admire his sparkling wit!

    Yep, we can always rely on good old "THREE DOGS LICKING SHIT OUT OF EACH UTHER'S ASSES" can't we?

  40. ^^^STFU ASSJAMZ. Now be quiet for a change ShaneequawDantaMeelalee.


    And everyone on the Planet pays about as much attention, well... maybe a little less attention, as they would to an Ant's fart in Ulan Bator.

    Don't forget that the Mayor is a "Uranian"!

    For those not familiar, if you're a normal Human Being, you believe the World revolves around the Sun. If you are Mayor James, you believe the World revolves around Uranus.

  42. ^^^ nice LOL

  43. FACT : KCMO MAYOR SLY JAMES is a Certified Communist Liberal DIPSHIT !!!!!!!!

  44. from a manager: let's cancel columbus day and get back to work.

  45. Indigenous Peoples Day Celebration activities:
    Taking another tribe as slaves
    Eating nuts and berries
    Worshiping the smoke spirits
    Taking a few white scalps or dreadlock scalps
    Sleeping with many women...they must be your wife and slaves.
    Get drunk
    Stay drunk
    Run for City Council
    Eat a dog
    Stay drunk
    git druk
    st drk
    Sleep all day

  46. Oh, and live off the government!

    1. ^^^^Says the meth-addicted welfare recipient known as Gay-back!

  47. Let's dispel the peaceful Siberian fairy tale, they brutalized their own tribal members and rival clans, no court of law ,you were summarily executed , some of their mysticism conventions sure it's interesting , however were stone aged savages compared to the European, who had advanced weaponry tactics and shelter. Let's set a day to honor all the Siberians slaughtered by rival Siberians

  48. Price Chopper's ads of the one day sale today is not printed "Columbus Day" as it had been in many recent years. Queen Isabella's boyfriend, Chris, would be very disappointed that Mexicans' European bloodlines are being dissed. Lots of U.S. farming and other enterprises are owned and staffed by Americans of Mexican descent. So, shame on Associated Wholesale Grocers caving to P.C. crap, and curses to Chief BullhornInBowtie trying to erase a "holy" day of recognition for an honorable and mighty rider of the rough seas WHITE GUY... COURAGEOUS CHRIS!

  49. 2:47---Suck A Dick is Two Dogs Fucking's brother.

  50. What does Human Resources say? Is this legal? Sounds like a "I hate whitey" gag to me. HR needs to shut the mayor, city manager, and city council down. Ethics violations. Then HR needs to fire themselves. Problem solved.

  51. Damn, this LBGT crowd is getting outa cunt troll.
    Ugh 2:51, you must be my long lost brother!

  52. You have no brothers Gay-back. Your mother aborted all of them after you were born. You know this man!


  53. Demosleazeball icon Liz Warren --scammed the Democrat A.A. quota system to get hired as a
    blue-eyed blonde......."Minority"...


  54. Gawd Tony! You coulnd’t find a real Native American woman to put on your post instead of another White woman misappropriating the look and style of a Native America. Oh I forgot, Native Americans don’t post for nudy pics - that’s a slutty White woman’s role in this society.

  55. It is 2017, get over it.

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    2:51 a classless act and bone fuckin stupid. Glad I could help.

    I know Lord Gray Back and please believe me 2 fuckin 51 you messin with the wrong blogger. Just trying to give your LBGTQIOU a chance.

    Twowonoh: Indian Spirit Guide to help 2 fuckin 51 not get his ass whomped by the Great White Buffalo.

  57. Hey, @ 6:42, ever hear of Anna Malle or Lorna Smooth? Or do you deny that they are Native American because they don't fit into some stereotype you have?

    And the rest of you, stop slamming Ol' Chris Columbus! Sure he didn't "discover" anything, he had a (stolen) copy of the Zeno Brother's book, plus he'd been to Greenland and claims to have gone on one of their wood-gathering expeditions to "Markland", and he'd also made two trips with Basque Cod Fishermen to the Grand Banks off Nova Scotia, and of course, when he reached Hispaniola, he sent the Pinta off to sail around the Island and meet up with him at the northernmost Cape (?He knew is was an island? ?He knew there was a north cape?), but give him a break, he was a bit confused, he thought he was in Japan!

    We probably should celebrate Columbus, he sure wasn't the first, but he was most definitely recognized as THE LAST EUROPEAN TO DISCOVER AMERICA!

  58. We have now become the PC planet of the apes. all things white and human must change to fit a nocturnal Monkey narrative.

  59. The last confederate general to surrender was Stand Waitie, Cherokee Indian. He was in more engagements than any other Confederate General. I found 4 ancestors in Gen. Waitie's unit & over 25% of the Cherokees were dead or missing after the Civil War.

  60. Native Americans were groups of nomadic hunters and gatherers. They didn't even have the wheel. Ancient Greeks or Romans would have conquered them. Why are we celebrating that kind of culture again?

  61. Let ban anyone with Aztec heritage. They had shitloads of slaves. We need to take down the American flag 'cause slavery used to be legal in America. Ban all travel to Rome and Greece over their slave history. Just do whatever the boons want stupid white boys. You'll never be able to do enough, but keep trying to appease them. In a decade you can ask your self who were the real slaves.

  62. Tony, how very racist of you implying that American Indians drink fire water and fuck Buffaloes? Then you have Pocahontas twirking? Is that really necessary?

    1. Kc Know It All10/9/17, 10:40 PM

      I think Mexicans are now counting themselves as Native, so the racism is self directed. Sorry snowflake. Please take your rage where someone cares!

  63. Hi I'm Americo Prouduci,you PC killed my dad's culture..prepare to die.

    Hi I'm Americo Prouduci,you PC killed my dad's culture..Prepare to die.

    Hi I'm Americo Prouduci,you PC killed my dad's culture..Prepare to die.

    Hi I'm Americo Prouduci,you PC killed my dad's culture..Prepare to die.

    Twowonoh: Indian Spirit Guide says Columbus deserves honor and a day in his memory for founding the new world that has done so much for all races, creeds, religion and freedom. Indian Spirit Guide in Navy jargon advises liberals, progressives, BLM and milktoast sheeple TO BLOW OUT YER RASS.

  64. What do you get when you breed niggers and indigenous people?


    What do Mexicans shit,
    why 10/9/17, 6:02 PM of course.


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