Thursday, October 19, 2017


Critics of Kansas City 1st responders argue that "public safety" already consumes more than half of City Hall's budget.

Last year the number crunchers at 12th & Oak reported a dangerous deficit after the latest increase for public safety.

Nevertheless . . .


There's a lot of great detail and explanation which provides insight into how more funding could help the department.

Take a look:

KCPD Chief: Budget request echoes community concerns

Money line . . .

KCPD Chief Smith: Last week, our department submitted our requested budget for Fiscal Year 2018-19 (which would begin May 1, 2018) to the City Manager’s Office. Ultimately, the City Council will vote on this request, as well as those from all other city departments. Our proposed budget contains requests to fund everything from fuel to employee health insurance, but there are a few major items I want to share with you.

There are requests to fund 21 new dispatcher positions and 30 new patrol officer positions. We realize this is a request for additional tax dollars, and there are many other needs in the city, as well. But with our current staffing, we are unable to provide the kind of service taxpayers expect, so I believe these additional positions would be a very wise investment. These requests have been echoed by the community . . .

I want the community to know that we are working to address the issues of timely 911 and patrol officer response, as well as the technology that makes those responses possible, like in-car computers. I look forward to working with the City staff and City Council in providing improved police service to the people of Kansas City while keeping in mind all of the city’s other needs, as well.

Read the Chief's post in its entirety.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Maybe some cuts to surveillance technology might help. The mobile phone tracking systems are very expensive and could fund new officers. City Council should ask about cost saving measures.

Anonymous said...

Remember folks, That Degenerate lying Mayor SLY JAMES told everybody that passing that City Earnings income tax would be able to provide better city services !!

MAYOR SLY JAMES caught in yet more lies !!!!!!!!!!

Mayor SLY JAMES will be called out for his LIES and where has all the MONEY Gone asshole Sly James , you communist scumbag pile of SHIT !!!

Anonymous said...

The city council should be asking all kinds of questions about KCPD, as should the Police Board, and both should be providing oversight and demanding accountability and results from the department.
But if you talk with most of the members of those groups, you'd find that most of them don't know enough about the PD or its operations to be able to ask intelligent questions or offer any serious thoughtful recommendations.
Public safety and the department that's tasked to provide it are not priorities in KCMO.
Instead, most of the council are too busy playing amateur real estate developer, with Sly leading the pack.
And most members of the BOPC consider that appointment a resume builder rather than actually digging into the details and doing the tough work of providing oversight to the department.
It's been that way for a very long time and hasn't changed a bit recently.
How are the streetcar extension, Amazon bid, Mike's new hotel, and the riverfront proposal coming?
Now you're talking KCMO government!

Anonymous said...

The last chief was an asshat who didn't stand up or support his department at all. When he left he took 6 or 7 hundred thousand dollars with him. Enough to hire 10 cops. Where was the mayor in all this? That fat fucking liar let the chief steal and lie his way through his term. The chief stayed silent when the mayor fucked the city with less cops. The mayor seems to have received a pretty good deal. He saved millions by not hiring cops, just to give his puppet some extra retirement money. The mayor and city council should be ashamed. Crime is out of control and the bodies are on their hands. It won't change though, the council lacks leadership. Good thing is most are termed out and Silvey may be running for mayor.

Anonymous said...

Isn’t their budget almost one third of the entire city budget? Let’s not forget that between the popo and fire they control almost three quarters of the 1.5 billion dollar budget already, where is it all going???

Anonymous said...

No surprise here....good whores like to ask for more money.

Super Dave said...

The only thing the city never has an issue with finding more money for is shiny new things. How about no new shiny things and get the best interests of the public met first.

Gray Back said...

Gee Super Dave Killa City wouldn't be Killa City without all the BLING, would it?

Anonymous said...

Taxpayer have already....
Passed the earnings tax.
Paid for a new Police Academy.
Two new Patrol Stations.
New Police Cruisers- AKA Take home cars.
A new Helicopter.
A huge assortment of KCPD Lawsuits,
A half a million dollars in Overtime from the last police chief,
And an Assortment of toys, Shot-spotter, etc.
What does the Taxpayer get.
High Crime.

Anonymous said...

How about cutting the fat out of your budget. You have uniformed officers in stupid and redundant desk jobs. How about an external audit of your organization?

Anonymous said...

Good idea, 11:24am
But KCPD just recently paid some serious money to consultants for an objective overview of the department.
And they found and recommended that:
KCPD had too many promotions and was top-heavy.
Available resources were not effectively deployed.
At least 30 more officers needed to be hired.
Why does it take outside consultants to manage the department when all these elected, appointed, and city-employed people are supposed to be providing management and oversight and demanding accountability?
You can change the organizational chart all you want, but until you elect and appoint some serious folks nothing's going to change.

Anonymous said...

KCPD is OVER-Funded.
No corporation would last in the business world if they ran it like KCPD.

Retro ROCKER said...

You can throw all kinds of money at this crime will continue to go up. Most of these crimes are committed in side where the police are patrolling. The drive bys,They are out of the area before A 911 call is placed OR the shootings inside ones home.

Anonymous said...

You could give KCPD a billion dollars and they still would not be able to get the job done.

Citizen said...

God Bless Chief Smith K.C.P.D ,Corrections ,KCFD, and all the medical staff in all the medical systems supporting medical care throughout the world.