The nation struggles to come to terms with the implications of a modern day American massacre and the latest post from KCPD Chief Richard C. Smith attempts to offer reassurance to local residents.

Checkit . . .

Chief Smith's Blog: The KCPD and our regional partners are ready respond to all critical incidents

Opening line . . .

"We are all still reeling from and horrified by the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history that happened in Las Vegas on Sunday night. That kind of act will never make sense. When something like this happens, we often wonder, “Could that happen to me? Could that happen in Kansas City?” Unfortunately, this is a possibility in any city in America, or in the world.

"The Kansas City Missouri Police Department constantly trains for the possibility that it could. You should be confident that the Department is ready to respond to any type of critical incident and to coordinate with regional resources, if necessary."

The Chief goes on to offer some important tactical deets and highlights local resources and regional cooperation.

The conclusion of the Kansas City top cop . . .

"We realize events like this can be traumatizing to many individuals. I’m sure some would think about going to an outdoor concert differently than they did prior to this event. But don’t let evil win. Don’t change your lifestyle or refrain from participating in events you enjoy. Stay vigilant; if you see something say something to help keep others safe, so we all can continue to enjoy the freedom this country offers.

"Our hearts are with everyone who was impacted by the horrible events that occurred in Las Vegas, including the first responders who ran toward the gunfire and had to endure such carnage. Rest assured, the members of the Kansas City Missouri Police Department are ready to do the same."

Still, the point of this blog isn't just to regurgitate the words of an appointed official . . . Our job and the job of this blog community is to critically examine statements from local people in power.

To wit . . .


An off-duty suburban cop was shot and killed in the middle of Westport this Summer and that kind of brazen gunfire is a challenge which typically confronts KCPD.

Let's not forget that local politicos are eager to challenge KCPD with allegations of police brutality and continued protest as "City Hall Control" turns into a movement hope change the power structure of the department from within.

Also, even the KCPD understand the limits of their popularity given the nature of their job as this tweet seems to stipulate that they'll never be as popular as firefighters.

Finally, police struggle to put more officers on the street and even a recent ask this week for more dispatchers confronts a slow response from City Hall.

Don't misunderstand . . . This is debate and the threat of battles against gunmen is something that we desperately want police to win HOWEVER . . . Every confident statement from authorities must face scrutiny given the increasing frequency of those reassurances in an era of continual deadly mass shootings.

You decide . . .


  1. This is a great statement from the Chief.

    But I think we got lucky that this tragedy came at the end of outdoor concert season. Otherwise, I think we'd see an immediate drop off.

  2. Who do they think they are fooling.
    They cant even fight crime on a daily basis.
    KCMO is in the Top 10 most dangerous cities.
    TALK is cheap.

  3. It's strange that Kansas City doesn't want to deal with the problem of big city violence even with a growing population. I think the police do a great job, but it's the mayor and the council who don't offer much support. Every time they talk about increasing the budget, there are always complaints about the percentage of the budget that goes to public safety. I think people would feel a lot better about giving their money to fund more police then spending it to fund developers.

  4. It's not about more funding
    its about better management of those funds.

  5. The mayor ruined this city, he’s getting us all killed with his stupidity

  6. Usually the news if filled with depressing, negative news that leaves me less than sanguine for the future of this country.

    This NFL brouhaha is a breath of fresh air.

    It defines the two opposing sides in the Culture War (Make no mistake about this, the Culture War, like the Chinese Cultural Revolution, is THE most important war this country has EVAR fought.), in the light, in unambiguated and perfectly discernible perfection.

    On the one side, what remains of the middle class, tax paying public, is contrasted against entitled, obtuse, dimwitted, belligerently ignorant National Felon League shit heels, who, represent Progressive, Socialist, Totalitarian, Fascist, Antifa-Fucks who, hate (In spite of all the agitprop to the contrary, the jumping through hoops bullshit you hear.), hate, hate your fuckin guts and want you dead.

    Usually, the Progressive media machine is able to cover that hatred in a thin patina of self righteous sanctimony and condescension. But not here.

    The high priests in the Communist Cathedral often lose control of their clergy and their acolytes. The riots in the streets after the death of black criminals at the hands of the Police polarize society, but, the megaphone conquers all. Darren Wilson lost his job and works at Home Depot under a new name. Michael Brown's parents are feted at the White House and honored on a National Stage.

    But here, the megaphone, the MSM, Politicians and Hollywood, are unable to stem the rising tide of antipathy for low life NFL pukes who represent an untenable political position.

    Fuck, fuck, fuck the NFL.


  7. The Chief made a good statement, one where he is hoping he is installing some faith in the minds of the citizens in his ability and the department to handle such an incident.

    But as well the residents are fully within their rights to have some fear of these type incidents and to me that fear can be a healthy decision for a person.

    It's really becoming very plain to see a majority of our crime issues are due to our politically appointed officials, judges and prosecutors for failing to deal with the issues at hand and placing into effect the means to deal with the criminal actions of certain people in society. The same as no new laws are really needed just seeing what is already law is enforced.

    Put yourself in the shoes of the local everyday police officer who finds the bad guys, gets them off the streets only to see a court turn around and allow them right back on the street sometimes in a matter of hours. You have to admit, I mean honestly here, wouldn't that effect you personally if it was you? Probably make you just a bit disgruntled and pissed off about it all. If someone were to try and use their car to run over you only because they know they are guilty of a crime, would that not have a bearing on your demeanor? You damn well know it would. You sure wouldn't stand there and say, "Look he just tried to kill me isn't that cute? What do you say partner, lets go chase them down and buy them some ice cream and maybe get a pizza also so we can share and laugh at it all."

    All we the citizens can do to maybe prevent another incident as Vegas is if you see something and it don't look right report it. Other than that all we can do is hope and pray to whatever beliefs a person follows it does not happen again.

    New gun laws will solve nothing. There were gun laws in effect that made the gun this cold blooded used illegal to have and own. You can't punish those who honor and don't break the law for the minority of those who do. Instead you go after those who break the law. I myself would be very okay to stops and frisks for gun control. I have nothing to hide and I'm sure millions would as well understand that stance. Only the criminals and their supporters will have issue with such a stance.

    If people are wanting to lower crime rates then they are going to have to be willing to report what they see and accept sweeps looking for illegal guns and wanted people on our streets. If not willing to do such then one can't really point fingers at people such as Chief Smith saying they are doing nothing when they themselves are not doing anything.

  8. Herp Derp...duh...doy.."they are doing nothing when they themselves are not doing anything...duh...derp...gurggle I a dumb dumb...herp derp...duh...

  9. Jesus Stupid Dave, did you read that mess of shit after you wrote it? Damn,you're an idiot!

  10. Hey chuck, wrong thread you fucking idiot. Go spew that bullshit elsewhere. God, you and Stupid Dave make quite the pair. Fucking imbeciles, the both of you.

  11. 7:40 and 7:49 is the same imbecile who spews what they just did but criticizes what someone else said.
    Super Dave isn't stupid you douchebags. Dave once again puts up another great comment.

  12. 7:49



    Did I "Triiger" you?


  13. 7:40 and 7:49 You two are doing a lot of shitting and fucking. I read those posts and they not only make sense but it's the truth. I think what you really mean to say is, you don't understand what is really going on out there.

    Want to see an imbecile, take a look at 7:39!

  14. Hey @8:02AM (aka Stupid Dave) Let's see; "Other than that all we can do is hope and pray to whatever beliefs a person follows it does not happen again". WTF does that even mean?

    "There were gun laws in effect that made the gun this cold blooded used illegal to have and own" WTF ?!?!

    "The same as no new laws are really needed just seeing what is already law is enforced." Wow, I mean I could go on and on but you get the point. You're a fucking idiot!!!!


    KCMO residents are much more likely to die on a walking trail, driving on a highway, or going to a nightlife entertainment district, than attending a concert venue.

    If you don't understand the truth behind what happened in Las Vegas, you'll be tempted to post bland boilerplate dialogue about "not letting the terrorists win", "see something say something", and other prepared script which has become as hollow as the now standardized "our thoughts and prayers."

  16. So we need fifteen new dispatchers to explain to folks why the police response will be slower than turtle shit? Gotta love how bureaucrats think.

  17. To 8:19 You're very wrong in your surmise, that isn't my post. but it's plain to see you can't read either and picking out certain parts of a paragraph without presenting the whole point makes your attempts of critical comment rather moot.

    1. Who or what you pray to is your choice and I will not tell you to pray to God only. Prayer is a personal choice to make.

    2. You must really have no comprehension about current gun laws and the understanding that new laws won't change anything. The laws are already in place but the fact is those who disobey the law will get them if they want. As in the Vegas shooter he was already breaking the law long before he commented this crime. And there isn't any new laws that could be made that would have stopped him without penalizing the hundreds of thousand of people who don't break the law with their guns.

    3. So before you start calling others an idiot and other choice names you might want to study the subject some before you open you mouth and make yourself no doubt become the stupid one.

  18. ^^Herp new gun laws cause you penalize others..yep...duh...doy

  19. Hey Stupid Dave, how did he "commented this crime?" How does that work? I mean I don't have the comprehension you have concerning current gun laws and all, but I'm at a loss on how you "commented" the crime. I don't know, maybe if Bump Stocks were illegal, maybe that may have had some effect on this horseshit here: " And there isn't any new laws that could be made that would have stopped him without penalizing the hundreds of thousand of people who don't break the law with their guns." I mean God forbid we penalize them...right? Jesus Christ dude, do you even proof the shit you write?

  20. Super Dave, besides bringing guns into the hotel, what gun laws did Paddock break prior to the massacre in Vegas?

    Also, the speed limit on I-70 between KC and SL is 70mph. I should be able to drive it at 85mph or better because I'm a better driver than anyone else. Am I being penalized because the legal limit is 70mph?

  21. Hey 7:39/9:32 - quit choking on Byron's dick in your mouth.

  22. Sly should do a video on how to hide behind a bush

  23. Just the facts please10/5/17, 1:22 PM

    I have never seen so many stupid stuck up jerks in my life. 947 and 1140 you assholes, he was in possession of illegal firearms. How hard is it for you assholes to understand that,

    By the way Super Dave, you made some very good points here so fuck those two.

  24. What illegal firearms 1:22? Haven't heard of any. Stupid fuck, you don't know what you're talking about
    Bump stocks are not illegal.(yet)

  25. Minneapolis City Council is talking about getting rid of their police department so policing is becoming something of the past

  26. @1;22PM(aka Dtupid Dave) What illegal firearms? There weren't any! Where did you get that shit?

  27. Nice ad hominem attack, 1:22. What is it about Paddock's guns that were illegal?

  28. What made them illegal you fuckers as he used them to kill and injure all those people so shut the fuck up about it. He was planning a crime long before
    he shot anyone using the guns. Last I knew using a gun to injure or kill someone is illegal as hell.
    Call premeditated murder is one of the most serious forms of homicide, and is punished more severely than manslaughter or other types of murder, ....

  29. 3:19 - A new low in stupidity, congrats!

  30. Jesus Christ @3:19 you are dumb as shit. You sound an awful lot like Stupid awful lot.

  31. Doesn't make the gun illegal 3:19. You're dumb,dumb,dumb.

  32. What about banning Tannerite????
    Oh wait, liberals have no fucking clue.

  33. Just the facts please10/5/17, 5:47 PM

    3:52 you sound like Byron and how do you know for sure none of the guns as you like to point out were illegal. You a Vegas cop?

  34. 11:40 that was a real dumb comparison.

  35. my butt hurts10/5/17, 7:38 PM

    Nobody,is talking about Tannerite. Vegas shooter. Had ten pound's in his car. And his car, was riddled with bullet's. If h'd connected with Tannerite. His car would have blew up. Killing lord know's, how many?
    Are we, banning Tannerite? Fuck no. Bump stock's?? Look up Tannerite. And watch, what it can do. Its soooo cool !!!

    Fucking libturds got it backwards again. Next thing, you know. Lib's will ban deflection's.

  36. ..that would be suicide


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