Amid the aftermath of the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. History, so-called progressives in Kansas City are arguing against the 2nd Amendment and hoping to capitalize on a horrific tragedy in order to push their agenda.

In order to expose this ridiculous idea, we want to offer just a few quick counterpoints to their silly condemnation of gun rights.

Take a look:

1. Jeff City Shuts Down Kansas City Gun Grabber Initiatives - A couple of years ago Mayor Sly, The Jackson County Prosecutor and the former police Chief attempted to push stricter gun control in Kansas City and their effort were summarily SMACKED DOWN by the GOP dominated Missouri General Assembly. There has been rage after the fact but the reality is that we live in a RED STATE and Conservative politics govern a great deal of policy in KCMO.

2. There's an important debate on policy from both left and right but in the meantime the slaughter continues in Chicago despite their tough gun control laws. The never-ending partisan blame game can offer their rhetorical SPIN but the murder count for the capital of the Midwest still pushes higher and higher.

3. Americans DEMAND gun control and then QUICKLY FORGET about it . . . Gallup's long-term trend shows that while support for stricter gun laws generally increases after mass shootings, much of that bump eventually fades.

We welcome other counterpoints from our readers but here's the reality . . .


What's disappointing is that so many locals are looking for a quick fix to a problem with rising local homicide and violence that has been trending upward for years.

You decide . . .


  1. Jefferson City wants Kansas City dead.

  2. ^^^ Yeah, that assumes that KC really wants to stop crime.

    This is highly doubtful.

    Then there would be fewer things to complain about.

  3. Kansas City police are the biggest pussies on the planet and don't even try to protect citizens. Going unarmed in Kansas City is not an option.

    1. 1 Officer Per 15k people in downtown and midtown. Hard to work with numbers like that.

  4. Automatic weapons are already illegal unless the owner has a permit. Making weapons illegal has never stopped a criminal from getting one. If these weapons were semi automatic, how many would he have killed? Probably about as many. When someone is shooting into a crowd of thousands from above, nobody in the crowd is safe, no matter what. I don't have an answer to the question about how to prevent such evil, but I haven't heard anyone else with a viable answer either.

  5. Kansas City doesn't have a real police department.

  6. Come on Byron, tee up your talking points...we all know in advance what you're going to say...

  7. Wonder if FBI interviewed the hotel's housekeeping unit for that floor. Seems suspicious to have so many gun bags in room, but he was a casino's dream gambling client (except for shootings)

  8. Orphan of the Road10/8/17, 7:42 PM

    The Second Amendment is the law of the land. The right to own and carry have been confirmed by SCOTUS.

    Repeal it or amend it are the only legal options.

  9. The biggest problem I see with these overly excited anti gun legislator wannabes is the FACT that 98 percent of them are completely ignorant about firearm nomenclature, terminology and capability. They continuously confuse those three and talk like total ignoramuses when it comes to firearms and legislation. The FACT is the bump stock should have never been allowed to be installed on a firearm under existing Federal Law.

    The idea that the ATF reasoned that the installation of bump stocks was up for a vote by bureaucrats when federal law clearly prohibits automatic fire as a factor in firearm "functionality" is demonstrative of bureaucratic stupidity at its finest. The FACT that it was the Obamy team that OK'd this violation of Federal law simply shows just how fucking ignorant the libtards are of their own laws. Even today congress debates whether bump sticks should be legal when Federal statues make it VERY clear that they are not. What complicates the issue is the Obamy crew finding that bump stocks were legal so now congress has to act in order to undo the mess - even thought there should have never been one. I will also remind folks that this is the same ATF who proclaimed that a leather fold over pocket holster was illegal because using the holster would make the gun an illegally modified firearm - a total contradiction and dumb founded reversal of their position on bump stocks.

    If nothing else this government created clusterfuck should clearly demonstrate a clear need for firearms laws enforcement and less repetitive and confusing additional law.

    We have the same problem in Kansas City where the mayor screams to be saved while continuously wearing teh lead boots in teh firearms argument. Just look at teh recent demonstrations where the, so called, militia had engaged in open carry and the libtard snowflakes screamed bloody murder and got all kinds of local political and press sympathy. The minute the libtard demonstrators show up armed the city suddenly forgets there are state laws against felons with firearms and city ordinances against open carry without a CCW permit. Again the problem doesn't seem to be rooted in the need for more stringent firearms regulation. The problem is the lack of enforcement and a level playing field. Application of the law is way too often based on political preferences and favoritism.

    It is simple people. You can legislate your nads off, but if you don't have the nads to apply the laws equally and consistently you will end up with exactly the mess we have. The people pointing the fingers and screaming for more gun control laws are more about the problem than the solution. They should be screaming for more law enforcement and less bullshit excuses created for thugs.

  10. According to the Media, and confirmed by several online websites, "Bump Stocks" give you a rate of fire of about 400 rounds a minute. That is, IF you hold them perfectly and IF they function flawlessly. At 400 rounds a minute, a 30-round magazine would empty in something like 4.3 seconds. I'm no expert, but I've timed myself, and I can easily empty a 30-rounder in 15 seconds using only semi-automatic feed! That may look like a big difference, but in terms of effect and controllability any difference is insignificant.

    I have no problem with banning "Bump Stocks", IMHO they're toys, with no practical use in any sort of shooting, but don't let any Politicians from either Party tell you they've done ANYTHING worthwhile by banning them, it'll only be another gesture, similar to their "Thoughts and Prayers".

  11. The Founding Fathers, who maybe drew a bath and washed their own peckers once a week, were fully able to evnvision and dream of a fully armed populace with today's firearms technology.

    It's what the Founding Fathers dreamed of for ths country and therefore congrats, you've won the battle and created a horror show of a nation.

  12. From my cold dead fingers

  13. Let us make sure, that we are clear.

    Never, never, underestimate the power of the 4th estate and, their criminal associates, who, now, run your life.

    The taxes that suck the life, the life, out of your future, given to blacks, who, in their cribs, from birth, are taught to hate you, will KILL YOU.

    Pretend, go ahead and pretend that the more black people and Progressives in charge will make the neighborhood, the city, the state better.

    How are you loving Illinois?

    Progressives are a cancer, a necrosis, a death sentence to the Rule of Law, the Social Contract. Just like the cities, the nations who died under the suzerainty of Progressive edicts in the name of "Social Justice", your demographic death is at hand.

    White people are .08% of the world's population in an "open border" world, now dominated by irredentist thugs.

    God bless Europeans.

    God Bless White People.

    Fuck you cocksuckers.

    Go back to sitting under a tree and picking fleas out of Michelle Obama's ass crack to eat for dinner.

  14. When are you Timmy Toughnut fucks gonna rise up against a tyrranical governement with all your guns and punisher logo tees?

    Boy howdy I'll bet that'll really be something to see, you guys taking down the goverment Red Dawn style and shit.

  15. The drunks are online again!!!

  16. ^^^the goofy fuck is online again. what they are saying makes sense and is very important not to be made a joke. Glad to be of assistance Goofy.

  17. Really like some of the comments from people who actually known what they're talking about when it comes to guns. That's a nice change of pace from what we see on TV.


  19. 10:00PM FTW!

  20. 9:27 needs to be renamed Left Field Louie 'cause that is where is comment originated.

  21. So, let me see if I got this right? Take away our, meaning the white man, guns so Kansas City would be safer. Now those same guns that city hall took are filtered into the "black man's" hands as well as the highest criminal bidder donating to City Hall.
    Mrs. Lilly White gets rapped, carjacked and shot in the name of GOOD RESPONSIVE GOVERNMENT.

    Well fuck me! Great idea!

  22. GUN CONTROL Huh ?????

    how about THUG CONTROL !!!!!!!

    Don't forget April 19th 1995 either,,, when a BOMB was used to blow up an OKC Building !!!

    NO Guns involved at all, not a 1 ~ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. And, no guns on 9/11/01, nor at that Boston Marathon!


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