The novelty of Kansas City's streetcar is wearing off as ridership stats continue to reveal a steep decline compared with last year's numbers from the same period.

Here's the latest data . . .

On the surface of it, that's impressive but let's compare this to last September.

In Sept. 2016 the streetcar reported ridership of 180,022 compared with the latest numbers from this month totaling only 155,117.


This news is devastating considering that colder weather soon approaching tanked streetcar ridership last year.

And so . . .

These numbers are important as Kansas City activists and even the port authority continues to push expansion despite a CITYWIDE vote calling for a FULL STOP without approval from all KCMO voters and a court fight that could bring construction plans to a halt.

Developing . . .


  1. "news" from the streetcar team has reached comical levels.

    They're now talking about 3 million total riders rather than reporting their real numbers. It's a scam and a lot of people in KC fell for it.

    1. That's here I disagree with you, I don't think people "fell for it" I think most voters didn't really have a choice.

      And most people who ride it are not from KC and just want a fun weekend excursion.

    2. Didn't this thing cost 100 million? That's a lot for mostly weekend riders.

    3. Shhh! Don't mention the decline in ridership, the Star never will. The streetcar advocates just use that as another excuse as to why we need to extend the thing to the Plaza in order to get more riders.

  2. I think the next extension should go right up Sly's fat ass

  3. As I stated in a story earlier this year I didn't see how the stats and the figures the city wants the residents to see as being the real truth. If the line was longer would there be more riders? I really doubt it would be worth the cost of building. Plus how long are the residents going to keep paying to see this poor excuse for public transportation keep milking the city in costs.

    Everyone knows as soon as they start charging riders the counts will plummet into some unseen basement to never ever be seen again.

  4. If the line went from the burbs to the city and the airport, then you might have a deal, and maybe it will happen one day now that Uber and Lyft are slowly putting the controlling taxi high rollers out of business. ( and if you dont get what I mean by that then school yourself on the transportaion monopoly in this cow town has been able to operate over the years) Progression and change is always going to happen and no one can stop it so get used to it!!

    1. Absolutely agree! We need to think big and work for better public transit for the entire KC metro!

    2. Give it a rest, Sly will not pay you for long.

  5. If the line went from the burbs to the city and the airport then you might have a deal.

    To whomever @ 6:25, do you even have a clue to what that cost would be? The current route all 2.2 miles of it cost well over 100 million to build. That was over already cleared ground and along a paved street and many other cost saving pluses.

    Olathe to MCI is app 40 miles and that's going the best route possible but a route full of bridges and over a river to boot. Now to make it work would be a route through the cities along the way and many more bridges to deal with along the way plus a I bet 10 to 12 year long project than when done would be obsolete. Stations along the way would have to be built with parking lots for them.

    What you suggest is something that would cost I predict in the neighborhood of well over 4 billion dollars.

    Just think of the good that 4 billion dollars could do for the metro area and I'm not talking about any airports or hotels.

  6. One of the most attractive features of the KC metro is how easy it is to get around. In fact, with the exception of just a couple places at certain times of day, you can get from pretty much anywhere to anywhere else in around 30 minutes.
    The notion of spending billions of dollars in capital costs and then hundreds of millions in annual operating and maintenance expenses so that a handful of "transit activists" can get their jollies is as silly as it is irresponsible.
    The KCMO streetcar is a local joke and a fad that's already being overtaken by the mag-lev train dream from KC to St Louis.
    Maybe KCMO should pay off one worthless fad before it wets its pants over anything else.

  7. All you old bastards just don't want this town to move forward like the free thinking young people of this city do.

  8. The thrill is gone. Many tourists are using a ride share. Uber,Lift There is more Entertainment and resturents farther off main St. I think we should let them build the street car To,Berkeley park. But south of Union Station will be DANGEROUS. AND WE KNOW ABOUT THE CRIME IN MIDTOWN.

  9. We need that street car for Christmas. When all them PLAZA FUR COATS start riding the street car a fast man can make some real money.

  10. 7:22, all those fat old bastards are who paid all those years for the very things you are destroying and not replacing. They built and paid for the city to where it is today. Now you you kids just want to destroy and rebuild that which wasn't broke to begin with but never taken care of. Money don't grow on trees boy, which is something those old bastards knew very well.

  11. "Free thinking young people"?
    Mostly immature free spending young people and all with someone else's money.
    Didn't your parents ever say "NO" to you around Christmas?
    Know anything at all about public finance or the financial conditions of Jackson County and KCMO?
    Any thoughts about actual priorities of residents like public safety and decent streets?
    Grow up!


    KCI single-terminal dream on NOV. 7!!!

  13. Someday I plan to ride the streetcar- maybe in 3 years and perhaps I will support downtown businesses by buying an orange from a vendor.
    So- I encourage city hall to count my business now by adding 5,000 rides and $20,000 revenue because of my planned ride and purchase.I hope this helps City Hall. While the math is funny- who cares if it is the truth if it helps? I could maybe ride it twice and buy a banana and let the city add NOW 10,000 rides and $40,000. I sure hope I am helping. I could even wire old Sly some Monopoly money. That way next time he goes to s stripper bar- he could pay great tips. When the lady complains about fake money- Sky will surely say-“Fake titties Fake money.

  14. It was just over $160 million not the advertised $102.

  15. guys, it is 2.5 mile route, what do u expect. how do u propose to mian street from union station to the plaza to change w/out Transit Oriented Development corridor, as it is known.


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