Sunday, October 22, 2017


Tomorrow, the Jackson County Executive and the Legislature will confront nightmarish costs that hope to address an ongoing human rights crisis at the jail . . .

To wit . . .


Like it or not, this impacts every resident of Jackson County given that these EPIC bills will certainly increase County Property taxes.

Here's the breakdown and quick description . . .

- Mechanical Fix - Appropriating $533,559.00 from the undesignated fund balance of the 2017 General Fund and authorizing an Addendum to the Agreement with Cornerstone Detention Products of Madison, AL, for the replacement of additional corridor sliding doors for use by the Department of Corrections

- Broken Budget Consequences - Transferring $1,623,837.00 within the 2017 General Fund, $245,449.00 within the Anti-Drug Sales Tax Fund, and $40,000.00 within the 2017 Inmate Security Fund to cover budget shortfalls for overtime and other services within the Department of Corrections.

- Most Costs Considered - Transferring $24,000.00 within the 2017 General Fund to cover the cost of a replacement dock door for use by the Department of Corrections.

- Outsourcing to JoCo - Security officer services for use by the Department of Corrections to Twin City Security of Overland Park, KS

In conclusion, here's CONFIRMATION of a recent story we blogged FIRST which kinda signals ongoing courthouse financial turmoil . . .

From Exec Frank White's office - Chief Financial Officer to serve until the appointment of a permanent Chief Financial Officer, effective October 19, 2017.

Developing . .


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to add up the costs of all the actions against the jail.

Thanks Frank!

Anonymous said...

Frank inherited the mess he didn't create it.

It's no wonder no one wants to run for office here in KCMO.

Anonymous said...

I have an idea! Lets under appraise teh Plaza and give them a huge property tax break. Then we will buy an old rail line, turn the land into a park, then raise property taxes and screw the citizens for the jail money. That will work.Next year we will start planting the seeds for pouring huge bucks into the stadium complex. I can not fucking wait to be bent over on that one.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:35

These messes have only gotten worse under Frank because, believe it or not, being a baseball player might not have been the best training for being a government official, responsible for a lot of public services like running the jail and property assessments. He spends all his time denying there really are problems, then denying the problems are as bad as they really are.

Frank wasn't qualified when he took the job, but he wanted the easy money. He hasn't shown any interest in trying to learn the job either. He keeps talking about not being a real politician, but just keeps picking one political fight after another with the sheriff, prosecutor and legislator.

Frank needs to go.

Anonymous said...

9:41 ^^^ To everyone giving Frank White a pass because he "inherited" this mess, he's the one who signed off on that shitty deal to buy that useless railroad trail. He is the one ultimately responsible for the property assessment BS with The Plaza. He's the one who has buried his head in the sand about the jail, saying there was no crisis, calling one poor woman's rape in that hell hole "old news." Forget giving Frank White a break because he's just a ball player. THAT'S OLD NEWS. He needs to be held responsible. The buck stops here.

Anonymous said...

BUT, instead of Fixing the Jail,, can't they just PUMP a few hundred Million Dollars into that Pathetic 18th Vine Jazz District , won't that Fix the problem , instead ????

Putting 750 Million Dollars into the Jazz District every few years will surely Fix all the problems everywhere, including all those pot holes around KCMO.

As well as all the other problems too ??????

Got a problem across town,,, ?????

Dump 250 million into the Jazz District,,, to FIX a $50.00 problem !!

Ain't it just wonderful , how those highly educated KCMO City officials work, as they parade around in their fancy suits & Bow Ties acting like their the Shit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

JoCoPost said...

Do like Joco did. Move the jail to rural part of the county, hold your hearings and depositions by video. Save big. Don't make the jail more convenient for the crooks than KCI is!

It's too small, no room to expand, and no longer needs to be downtown! So do the minimum now and move it in two years.

Anonymous said...

If frank and Caleb do not show up to legislature tomorrow with:

1) a sincere strategy for how to fix the jail
2) an apology to the legislature for their undermining ways, and
3) a notice of resignation from Caleb

Then it is time for a sincere recall process of Frank White to move forward. This has gone on too long and too much damage has been done.