Saturday, October 07, 2017


This is just a quick thought for Saturday night denizens of our beloved TKC Blog Community who don't have anything else to do . . .

The vast majority of news regarding journalism is nothing but navel gazing and very much akin to writing about theater - Content targeted at only the last remaining practitioners and patrons.

Still . . . Over this week and the past few years we're seeing a pattern:

- Tax Breaks, subsidies and freebies to local news outlets have bought silence from formerly fierce Kansas City news organizations.

- Newsies who have been cut from newspapers are become corporate hacks or development tools for developers.

- Most of Kansas City is busy consuming gossip about their frenemies on Fakebook and really only has a passing interest in local government news.

And so . . .

Corruption, voter disenfranchisement and outright graft have escalated in Kansas City proper as developers, corporations and 12th & Oak realize that they now own most of the "journalists" in Kansas City.

This isn't just a newspaper phenomena either considering that City Hall hired a former journalist in order to create fake news updates pushing propaganda from Mayor Sly's administration.

The bright side is that there are still a great many independent voices out there like including but not limited to SaveKCI, CFRG, SmartKC, Northeast News and even some of the more feisty denizens of our not-so-humble blog community.

Still . . .

The fact remains that in Kansas City we've seen a clandestine attack on 1st Amendment rights by way of petty corporate bribery and this trend should shed light on so many "progressive" hypocrites when they feign shock against Prez Trump at odds with the national news.

Again, just something to think about as we gather more information to share along with some of our favorite songs for tonight . . . .

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

Don't blame Sly for:

- Fake news from desperate reporters.

- Outdated business model and changing technology

- Tough industry.

Just because he sold the rope doesn't mean he's responsible for people hanging themselves.

Real KC said...

2nd graph from the last.

The Weekly Report - MSM acts like this is a big deal when Trump does it but we've been at in KCMO for more than 6 years. I guess we really are up to date.

Anonymous said...

situational ethics?

Government shouldn't corrupt the 4th estate.

Anonymouse said...

Twitter shows me everything I need to know.

#I'm an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Wow Tony,

Did you come up with this brilliant nugget all on your own?

It's that pointless....figured it must be yours alone.

I'm sorry The Star didn't hire you fifteen years ago but you'd have been laid off already, let's face it.

Or fired.

JaCoMo said...

^^^^ Wildman, Tony loves your readership for all these years but implying that he ever tried to get a job at the star overestimates him greatly. He never had that kind of ambition. Bwahahahahahahahahaaha!

Keep sniffing. Sorry you didn't have anything more fun to do tonight.

Keep trying. Things will get better for you!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was on the mark, 6 years of the most blatant bs I’ve ever seen and sLIE is in shock because the people woke up and saw their city going to hell. Great job Tony!!!!

chuck said...

Dead, dead, dead on the fuckin money.

Anonymous said...

What killed journalism is a supply of journalists who could not practice their craft within the accepted parameters of their discipline. It became a battle of idiots demanding that their opinion count. Now the only real news we get is squeezed in between personal opinions and party lines. Too bad the liberals don't push to regulate and define the press like we have firearms laws.

Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT posting of TKC commentary!!

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for TKC few people would even know the Star was still in business.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to that loser Kevin Collison? He was in favor of everything No disernment of any kind.